Dead lifting much like squats have a bad name as an exercise akin to the bubonic plague as if they were something that wreaks havoc on societies and ravages people’s lives. All Jokes aside, Deadlifts do have a bad name in the world of the health and fitness as a move that is bad for ones back and any other part of the body that one wants them to be. (or so it seems) I understand why many people feel that way because they probably only have heard the occasional horror story that may have involved a deadlift.



However, this idea only shows that this person doesn’t understand human movement, proper strength training and core stability in loaded movement. Deadlifting first of all isn’t bad for your back, if you use your hips properly. In fact the opposite is true, oftentimes the deadlift is considered the most functional exercise that there is! Simply because the deadlift and the hip hinge portion of it is how you should and can safely pick things off of the floor.



Below is a brief video of the style of deadlift that I choose to do. Due to its efficiency, safety and it’s enablement to be stronger in the long run.




After watching this brief video, you can see that I am no longer a fan of the hip-hinge style deadlift. But rather believe in the Olympic style deadlift. (If you would call it that.) This changed earlier this year as I attended the Purposeful Primitive Workshop with Marty Gallagher and he gave many good reasons to deadlift in this fashion, including the reasons of your low back health and the trajectory of the bar as you lift it. (On a straight line as opposed to the up and back positioning of the hip hinge) This ultimately leads to a better, heavier lift! Safety and strength, you can’t lose with this technique!

Do you Deadlift? If so, what is your favorite version of it? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.



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