I can’t tell you how often I hear people in the circle of my influence say: “I know what to do, but I just can’t make myself do it!” I understand this feeling, because there have been times that I have felt the same way when it comes to the some of the things that I need to change. Changing certain habits can be difficult and sometimes we just struggle to find the motivation to get started in the process of change.


Motivation is funny it seems like most people lack it and want to have it, but they don’t. They get “fired up” after getting a “talking to” and might even begin to make changes in their lives then after a few days fizzle out like soda with the cap left off. Leaving them frustrated and in the circle of defeat and lack of lasting progress.


Living like this is a vicious and defeating cycle wherein the person desiring change feels stuck and unable to change their situation. If that is you, this post will give you some information that if followed will help you break free from the hopeless lifestyle and enable you to overcome and finally make some progress in your goals!


“To overcome difficulties is to experience the full delight of existence.”
Arthur Schopenhauer



The first thing that you have to understand is the process by which habits are created in our lives. First we have a desire or an emotional experience to get us moving towards improvement. Oftentimes when it comes to fitness this experience is guilt and or a serious health issue that begins people on their journey to change. That is an okay way to start, but the problem is that such encounters only usually last for three weeks. Then, the person usually disappears due to lack of “motivation” or burn-out from overdoing it!




How do we avoid this issue? Or can we? Are we all just doomed to never make any real lasting change as the smoker that told me; “quitting smoking is easy, I have done it multiple times!”



It seems like only the strong people can change that the rest of us are doomed to be stuck in the endless try and fail cycle.  First- we have to realize that when it comes to developing a new habit or a new move; we will fail at times. This doesn’t mean that we won’t ever  be able to do it , but that we just can’t right now.   (Our thinking has a lot to do with our efforts and successes. Read here and here for more on that subject.) So you can’t think that you are the only one who sets out to do something and bombs it out. We all do just a lot of people are to insecure to admit it openly and try to make it seem as though they are perfect. (Don’t believe them!) Now that we got that out-of-the-way; sometimes we fail because what we pick may be a bit out of reach right now. For example;: if you can’t do an overhead press with a 16 kg (35 lbs.) Kettlebell right now, don’t try to do a 24 kg (53lbs.) or you will most likely fail and could end up getting hurt. Instead you need to believe that you WILL press a 24 kg with some time spent training for it. Then make a plan and start to work at it! Then in time you will get it done and afterwards can move onto another task!



That is the key to getting motivated and getting to your goals, a systematic approach to change and a development of confidence in your ability to get the job done, even if it takes a little time and a lot of work. So by now I hope that you see that it isn’t all about the emotional motivation that you are looking for but rather of a not making a reasonable and small mini-goal to achieve and continuing that process until you get the big picture goal that you may want to accomplish. It could be a fitness goal, such as lifting a double body-weight lift or getting “six-pack abs” or just going back to school to better your career. Instead of trying to do everything at once- do something like take one class for your degree or start to exercise twice a week consistently and so on. Get that done and then, add in another thing and get it done and so-on.

I know that as you read this simplistic approach to betterment, some of you will say; “but what about all of the things that I have to do?” “I need 64 credits to get my degree” or” I have twenty pounds to lose so this method won’t work for me.” Just think about it like this; if you get one thing done isn’t that better than zero and doesn’t it get you closer to your goal?! The answer cannot be anything but yes! Or you can choose to sit around another year and get nothing done and be no better off this time next year or week even. As the expression goes; “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”



Maybe you have fitness/health goals that you want to finally realize and you can’t see through the clutter of your goals and needs and have no idea where to begin. I offer an on-line coaching program that will help you get to your goals by guiding you in a systematic and achievable way.  It is expensive and not for everybody, but if you are ready to achieve your goals I can and want to help you finally get to them. Click this link to find out if you are a good candidate for my program and use the box below to contact me and we can get started today. Don’t waste time, do it now and look back at this time next year with the joy of getting to your goals! As a bonus I will send you my body-weight exercise video series!




If you don’t believe me, here are some testimonies of people whom I have helped:


Moses is one of a kind, really. His style is charming and charismatic. He is approachable and friendly to all God’s creatures. He has enormous ability. Gets results, and quick, too. He is a talented program designer, and an equally talented group coach. If you get the chance to work with Moses, please do. He is expensive, but worth it.

Pat F.



Moses is a very rare type of instructor who balances refined pedagogy with spontaneous and encouraging instruction. When I started kettlebells with an intent to practice kettlebell swings I was clueless to the difference between squats and hinges. Moses’ instruction at that point was like occam’s razor. Very simply, without getting into too much detail in the beginning, he pointed out that a hinge and squat are different, and helped me develop a hip hinge position through his excellent videos. Moses has an uncanny ability to isolate the bare minimum required for maximum progress. He keeps things in the here-and-now and encourages consistent development. This makes him a great coach for online coaching. A person seeking online coaching might get carried away without the ‘keep-it-real’ aspect of personal training. Moses provides the best solution with simple, concise, and relevant instruction, which nevertheless presents all the force of a well-refined and experienced system of training. His patience and overall  comforting presence are definite bonuses that put him right on top of the qualities for a great coach.

By Ananth Aditya / Bangalore, India




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