In all of my years of training one of the few recurring excuses I hear is; “I just don’t have time to train.” Especially when it comes to building the strength that is needed to make all of the other fitness pursuits much easier and more realistic. (Strength is the quality on which all other fitness pursuits should be built) Once again I am not in the business of judging people’s motives and I believe that this type of person wants to be strong/fitter and knows the importance of it. Otherwise it wouldn’t even be a concern to them. I just believe that they need education to think outside of the proverbial fitness box.

The goal of my career and this blog is to educate all who may come across it into ways that we can make training and fitness more effective. Especially those who have less time, but want all of the benefits of fitness. This post along with our weekly workouts can provide you with the means to get more done in less time!


Today’s post is specifically for those who have less time in general due to commitments and or are at a time in their life where they have less time to spend on training.


How To Get Fitter On A Tight Schedule


Training for results is not that complex if you have a goal as well as a grasp on the principles necessary for progress. Once you have an understanding of the body, you realize that you don’t need to spend or devote too much time to training to see results. However you will need to work extremely hard for short periods of time if you want to get the most out of it as you do. This is where intervals come into play they require that you do whatever exercise form that you choose for short periods of time and rest or switch up the energy system that you are working. In other words, if we are doing a kettlebell complex we will do:


  • 5 swings
  • 5 clean to presses
  • 5 front squats
  • 5 snatches


If you noticed this complex alternates between basaltic or explosive movements and then goes in to a strength or grind. This method continues throughout the complex and goes on for a set period of time. The other variables that we can work in this program are the number of bell 1 or 2, number of reps and so on. Now since this post is about strength primarily and conditioning next for most experienced people it will involve two bells. The extra loading will make it more of a strength and power workout.


The next things that we want to add into this efficient approach is intent and tension as we train. Intent is being purposeful about the move that you are doing. It is getting your brain involved with the session that you are doing and making be aware of the movement that you are doing and the oomph put into it. Tension is using your breath, core and squeezing every muscle in your body matching the load that you are working with. Both of these need to be present if you are training as this post recommends.


If you are pressed for time you will want to manipulate these three pointers of switching movements/energy systems as well as using intent and tension. You can use a kettlebell and let’s say you need to improve your swing (intent), but you also want get stronger as you do. You will then want to pick the thing that you want to fix such as your back swing while focusing on that nuance.  You will want to make yourself tight as a statue on the top of the swing (tension). Finally you could couple the swing with a goblet squat (alternating moves/energy systems) for a workout that just followed all three of these principles. By doing that you will probably only need to do a ten minute workout that will blast off fat and your socks as well!

View this video below for more information and for a demonstration of the techniques given in this post:




 If you still are having trouble figuring out how to make your fitness fit your schedule, contact me for my training programs. Such as my online coaching, wherein I will gear your individualized  program to meet your lifestyle and get you results!


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