As I promised last week, this post will be about a few simple ways that one can embrace the intermittent fasting lifestyle. As with any approach to nutrition and other  life change issues, there are different varieties to better accommodate different people and their lifestyles. This post will cover three approaches that I believe will meet everyone where they are at and help them live the beneficial fasting life style.


Fasting is not the most awful thing on the planet and is completely possible, if you find the right approach to it for you. With that thought in mind there are multiple flavors of ice cream (sorry about talking about that on nutrition post) for the purpose of accommodating different people’s taste buds and desires. Thankfully it is the same with I.F. – there are many approaches to fasting in order to make it work for the faster and their lifestyle. Before we go on; if you haven’t read last week’s post that started this click here to do that before reading today’s post.



Three simple ways to fast


As I stated a bit earlier, there are many approaches to fasting. This post will only cover the three that I have found to be useful in mine  and my clients’ lives. I like their simple approach to fasting and the ability that they give you to adhere to it for the long haul. Which of course as you know is a must for results. As I often say “the best program is the one that you can stick to!” The following approaches will be listed in order of the level of challenge to follow. (Although all not super hard)


1. Mirco-fasting or the half day fast:
I have found this one to be the easiest one for me to follow. This just involves getting up in the morning, having my black coffee, brushing my teeth and other hygiene type issues. Then going to work, training fasted 90% of the time  then afterwards I eat a lunch  and a dinner. This variation of fasting doesn’t take up as much time to plan out in my opinion. This works incredibly well for busier people who want all of the health benefits of fasting.(eating less, fat-loss, hormone balance, longevity of life and so on) This as simple as eating only two meals a day, which can be switched around to fit your life and goals!




2. The whole day fast:
This one takes some progression for certain people and that is fine and others will ace it or not be able to ever do it. Once again don’t let me guilt you into anything, pick the approach that works for you. In this method of I.F. you go without eating for 24 hours (e.g. dinner to dinner the next day) and you eat a sensible diet of whole foods and quality meats. The caloric expenditure of the one or two days of fasting a week is your needed calories in a day or basal metabolic rate (besides your activities) plus your activities in addition to the other day that you do fast in the week. This can come out to be more than the caloric deficit that you need in a day in order to lose fat, if you wish to. Then all you have to do is eat wisely and you will be losing fat and stimulating the hormones to build muscle and burn fat through fasting. The other two approaches will also do this for you as well. Once again it is just a matter of finding the one that works for you.



3. The one meal a day fast:
This program can be a little complicated as you are learning its formulas for success. It involves not mixing different foods and proteins. For example, if you eat almonds, then you wouldn’t eat chicken in the same meal. This particular program is done by eating very small snacks throughout the day  such as yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, nuts  and berries or vegetables as you go by about your daily activities and work. Then when you have finished your day and work you will eat a large meal until you are until you are full but not sick. This is very appealing nutrition program due to its allowance for a large meal and it’s controlled fasting throughout the day.



Please be aware of the fact that when you first start off with any of these styles of fasting that you will experience difficulty, as you would with anything new. Just think about when you first started working out and how hard that was. As time goes along you will develop a higher tolerance to fasting and you learn how to approach it for you as well. Try out one of these variations for a month to see how it worked for you. Make sure to do a food log and track your moods foods  etc., in order to see how you are doing. Keep experimenting to find out what works for you by trying out these different methods until you find out the best approach to fasting for you. After you find it, you will be in the “fan club” of I.F. as the rest of us that discovered it are. Not to mention all of the wonderful benefits that it gives besides just looking great.



I leave you with a quote on fasting about the freedom it gives; freedom from addiction to food, freedom to focus on more important stuff than food and so much more:



The philosophy of fasting calls upon us to know ourselves, to master ourselves, and to discipline ourselves the better to free ourselves. To fast is to identify our dependencies, and free ourselves from them.
Tariq Ramadan


Let’s keep the discussion going. Comment on your experience with I.F. and the freedoms that you have encountered below!





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