This world has so many gizmos, programs, gadgets, diets and pills that promise the world and more often than not leave the purchaser poorer in pockets and devoid of results. Then there are the programs that produce results by bringing changes in body composition but negatively affect your health. So what can one do? Is there anything out there that can help an honest person get the body they want without harming them in the long-run?

Maybe the picture above describes the way that you feel; tired, broken and lost by all of your efforts to get better. I have hope for you this post is about to offer you a brief and simple answer that will revolutionize your health and fitness. That answer is found in two words, Intermittent fasting! Just before you jump ship, please read on and consider my points on this subject matter. Especially, if you are seeking for answers on how to get way better results in your fat-loss/fitness efforts.


I understand the responses of the detractors of I.F.; in fact I used to be one myself. I was told that if I didn’t eat frequently that my metabolism would somehow slow down and that I would lose my muscle and gain fat. I was enslaved to my eating regimen by always looking to get my 6 to 8 meals in. I remember being frustrated and spending a lot more money on food than I really could afford to eat at that time. I can also recall feeling guilty and being nervous if I missed a meal as if some food deity were about to smite my muscle and leave me skinny, fat as a result of missing my meal. (Can someone say eating disorder?!)


Fitness and training should make your life better not more stressful with rules and regulations that hold you in a prison of misery. Now, I am not saying that frequent eating is bad. Especially if you can maintain it, not overeat and not let your hunger control you. However, I have seen over my 11 years of training people who this usually is not the case. As a matter of fact, the opposite usually happens. The people who have followed this philosophy generally overeat if they miss a meal. This is not due to the fact that they honestly need to eat, but to the fact that they have trained themselves to eat at these times and the result is that the brain adapts and releases the hunger hormones due to their habit.

This habit usually produces an addiction to eating and the results are anger, irritability and sluggishness if you miss eating for even an hour longer than you usually do. Does that sound right and healthy? I think not. Addiction always brings us negative consequences.

(This is how I used to feel before I.F. , Now I have better control over it! )


The second problem with constant eating is too many insulin spikes in the body. As we eat, our bodies releases insulin from the liver and either puts the broke down food especially carbs into our cells for energy or if they aren’t empty stores it as fat-cells. Now unless you are a pro sport athlete in the vigorous sports or work a very physical job. I would bet that your cells haven’t used up your energy; unless of course you have just worked-out.

So as you can see constant eating is not the best way to improve you health and fat-loss.

But you may say; that if I fast won’t I lose muscle?

The answer is no, you will not. In fact fasting at times actually improves your muscle-building by stimulating the same hormones that are released after an intense training session. Also, according to science we do not have a breakdown of muscle and organs until 3 days of not eating. So don’t fear muscle loss as a result of fasting. Now there are some contradictions with fasting such as body-builders won’t want to do it as much, but can still benefit from a one day a week fasting regimen. Athletes also need to be mindful when they fast according to their practice and game schedule. So once again we must plan and be wise!

The next dispute that you may have could be:

How will I get my proper nutrients?

This one is pretty simple and I have found that my fasting helps me get focused on this important detail. I have in mind foods that I know that I need to eat for my health and focus on eating different types of foods to get the most bang for my buck. Then, also I am big believer in taking a whole food vitamin as an additional nutrient source. I have found that this fasting approach to eating keeps me from eating pointless meals and foods and I think with a little effort on your part; it will do the same for you!


Lastly: Will not eating at a set time or day affect my training?

Not in the long run, it won’t it takes about two weeks to adjust to it and then it will be up and up from there. Remember your body stores energy and as use that up and then we burn fat as a primary energy source. Thus I.F. will help you burn more fat by giving you the needed caloric deficit. Not only will it do that, but once again it will release the hormones that we get from an intense workout causing you to burn even more fat. In addition to those benefits if you add in a fasted workout, you have now super charged you fat-loss efforts!


After reading this post I hope that at least you will consider an intermittent fasting program. Or at the absolute least look into the research to back up this approach to nutrition. For those of you who are ready to take up a fasting program, next week’s post will be all about some of the different approaches  to fasting . So Stay tuned and subscribe to this blog for that.


Also as a gift to you; I want to share with you my free videos series on how to do the kettlebell swing,  Click here for it.

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