I can’t count the times that people have said to me the phrase “I am not making progress, I must need to do more.” Or the times that I have witnessed the act of over-reaching without ever voicing this sentence. Both prove to me to there is a lack of understanding about training and how to train for results. I have seen this ignorance and fear lead to a lot of pain, both emotionally and physically. I remember years ago a women who went to the gym where I worked at who through over-reaching/training caused the premature birth and the death of one of her twins that she was pregnant with. She was a very good lady and meant well, she just didn’t use her head and the consequences were horrific.



Now remember this post is about training mistakes and not just a mistake.  The other training mistake that people often make when pursuing better fitness is under-training. This one of course is not dangerous to your health and in fact you can do this and get health benefits/ make a little progress in your goals. However, it will keep you from getting the fat-loss and fitness results that everyone wants from their training.
Training with a goal to achieve will require a little or more arm-chair time, a notebook to write down your plan, a willingness to adjust at times. You see, it is not just to enter the gym or place that you train, give high fives, stare at girls and do 3 sets of ten of “chest.” If you do- you will only make very limited progress. However, if you want to continue to get results; you will need to use your brain in careful planning and deliberate action.

After you realize that you need to use your head, you will need to be committed to your training program. As I wrote last week (if you want to read click here) you need to have a plan a goal and break down that goal into little goals. Then, you will need to test the thing that you want to change to see where you are at right now ( it can be body fat, strength goals etc) . After your cycle re-test it to see if you have gotten better at your goal and what is weak and needs to get better.  This is also the best way to figure out if you need to do a bit more frequency or volume or less of one or both. If you haven’t gotten better and closer to your goals; you may be making one of  these two mistakes in your training. So you will want to adjust your training after testing yourself or stick to the plan that you are doing with some progression in it depending how you did.


If you are tired of getting nowhere in your training and want to get results, but haven’t been able to. Consider these points offered to you in this post. Also if you need help, study exercise literature and books, if you still need help don’t be afraid to get a coach to help you. We all need help at times and it is a sign of intelligence to get it when you need it. Take the time to plan  and track your training, while listening to your body as you train. If you do these things you will be successful and learn a boat load about your self as you do.



Lastly, if you need a coach to teach you how to program and how to have precise form. I am available for online coaching and I can help you get better!

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