“If you fail to plan you plan to fail”  Ben Franklin

This quote reminds me of multiple clients that I have worked with. Well intentioned people who want to get lean, healthy, stronger and move better. These type of people understand that eating better has a huge part in the process of achieving their goals and I believe that they in their heart of hearts want to . Yet, with all of their good intentions they never make progress and or end up on endless roller-coaster of progress and regression. They are always frustrated and feeling guilty over their failure to meet their goals or make any significant lasting progress.

In fact just the other day I had a talk with a member of my gym about this same issue. He is overweight and constantly on the “yo-yo” of weight loss and gain. He is always making resolutions and never able to even make it a week in keeping them. Every time I talk to him it is obvious that he wants to lose fat but he never does. Why? This post will give you a helpful answer to this question in my usual simple manner that could help almost anyone get the results that they need/want.



The solution for this type of person is simple; they need to make a plan of action and view achieving their goals as a process. Instead of trying to do it all at once, which will pretty much guarantee failure and frustration. I am aware that this will take a lot of energy to follow in the beginning. However, how much energy do we waste on regret if we don’t plan?


First: write down or know your goal.
You will be surprised by how many people don’t even know what their goal is.

Second:  Plan out the steps that you want to take.
Pick one thing that you know, you will rock at and then do it. This can be something such as; drinking more water or cutting back on sugar. Once you have gotten control of that thing, then move on to something a tad bit more challenging and so on.

Then keep this process going until you arrive at your goals. You will be glad that you did, if you do. If you choose not to follow this simple principle of planning; you will probably end up “stuck” in the same spot as you are right now! So the choice is yours friend. You can become successful in your fitness goals by planning and taking one step at a time or you can continue to be frustrated and getting no-where fast while you blame others for your issues. I know what I will be doing!

If you need help formulating a plan or knowing what to do I offer a variety of expert services to help you. If you follow them you can’t fail! Click here to view them and or to get in touch with me.


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