Injury Prevention workshop For Athletes

As you may be aware injury rates in young athletes has become staggering in the last few years. It is horrible to think and hear about young people blowing A.C.Ls and tearing up their shoulders.


In light of this epidemic of injury in our young athletes. Christian Lee and myself will be holding a free workshop/ seminar May 30 @ 7:00 P.M. at Escape fitness in Medford N.J. on how to find out the factors and eliminate many of the causes for injury. Through our unique screening process and our intelligent strength and conditioning program.


Let me ask you a question: Is your child ready to compete at high levels for a whole season?
How do you know that they will not be another statistic?

We have the answer for you: reserve your spot today!

We will show you exactly how you can be assured that your child will be better protected against injury.

Reserve your spot today  by filling out the form below and invite friends and family to attend this workshop that will alter the future of our young athletes and their health.

See you there friends,

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