Fitness has made amazing strides since I began my career many years ago. When I first began to train it was mostly body-building like programs,wherein isolated exercises were utilized for every trainee in spite of their needs and or goals. There was also the standard hour of cardio for fat-loss and the lack of focus on proper movement. Thankfully, things have changed a lot and now we know that we should train movement instead of muscle and not over do cardio.


Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with cardio if kept in balance,(by the way it is the same thing for strength training) especially if you like doing it.

However, what if you don’t like it or no longer have the time to spend on long, drawn out cardio sessions. Yet you want the _weight/fat-loss results, or you want to save your muscle as you train your heart giving you more the muscular- sprinter like body. If that is the case; then you have come to the right blog and are reading the right post! This post will help you by giving you five simple methods that will help you to condition, lose fat and get more results in less time!

1. Sprint:

This one is pretty simple, you run fast and hard for short distances. It is all about effort, intensity and consistency.

Effort: You have to work really hard for this to be effective. In other words you can’t expect to jog and get results with this form of conditioning. If you are a jogger, your gait is going to need to change. Your running technique must be wider than jogging, you will need to stay on the balls of you feet and drive super hard by pushing the ground away from you as you run.

A good workout to do this is as follows:
Start out with a 50% effort and rest for double the time that it took you to run your distance.
Then go to 60% effort
70% and finally start to work in the 80 to 90% effort for a few rounds.

Make sure to rest anywhere from 1 minute to 90 seconds (depending on how long it took to run the area that you selected and effort put forth.) The point of this rest is to keep consistent full effort on every run and if you are doing that- this rest period will not feel very long any way,  trust me! (in my Arnold voice)

Also that was your little blurb on Intensity and Consistency or the two other points.


2. Kettlebell workouts/ complexes:

As you may have noticed that I am a big fan of this form of conditioning . Due to its efficiency for fat-loss ,ability to train often and its ability to use  just about anywhere. In fact this blog does a new weekly workout every Tuesday and also has a bunch of fun and effective workouts in its archives. So feel free to browse and subscribe for weekly workouts.


3. Sled work:

This is one of my favorite forms of conditioning for its simplicity and effectiveness in building work capacity while blasting fat. Also you have built into the use of it the ability to hit all kinds of different movements as well as working in different planes. A sample workout for this can be:

Load up the sled with enough weight for you. (don’t make it easy to do, but keep your form)

Set a timer for 10 minutes and do all kinds of different movements. Such as push, pull, crawls etc. Rest as little as possible,but as much as necessary.


4. Walks / Carries:

This method of conditioning does way more than just burn fat and build killer endurance; they also help with posture, build strength and help your grip. To find out how to do these wonderful exercises click here.   I like to use carries after I do heavy lifting as an endurance and calf workout as well. You can do that as well or feel free to use them for distance or time as a finisher/conditioning drill to burn more fat in your training.

Prepare for an exercise that is simple to do but will challenge your manhood or womanhood.


5. Body weight circuits,complexes and ladders:

In keeping in line with this post, these type of conditioning workouts are simple but not easy.  (see you knew I was going to say that) A body-weight complex is simply a few different movements that hits different energy systems and movement patterns. A good example of this would be:

1. squat
2.walk down
3. a crawl or Hindu push-up
The rep range can be 1-10 or 1-5 then 5-1 for the amount of time that you can keep quality form for. or you can time the sets that you do.

Circuit: This is a little easier to plan out than a complex and allows a for more rest in between rounds if necessary. Which makes them a great place to start for beginners.

Do 20 bridges
10 push ups
20 prisoner squats
15 suspension trainer  rows
Plank or a rotational exercise

Ladders: These are a great, intense and reasonable way to condition. Especially with more of the complex body weight movements such as pistols and more advanced push up variations.

Two examples of this type of conditioning drills are

1.pistol ladders
Wherein you will do 1 rep and switch sides
Then 2
3 and all the way up to five ( this is an intelligent rep range for single leg squats)
Then you will rest for 2 to 5 minutes and do it again. If you get three quality rounds in, you will be doing 45 reps each leg. That is 90 pistols. Now multiply that by your body-weight and that is how many pounds that you lifted during this workout!

2.Hindu push ups 1-5 or 1-10 and then rest for 2 to 5 minutes and do it again.


These drills and workouts are by no means exhaustive, but are a good place to start and or to give food for thought. However, as you do these wonderful workouts you will question your love affair with the treadmill as my friend Mark Mellohusky would say. Also for my friends and viewers that love to run, you can put these drills into your training programs and get an aerobic benefit while  giving your joints rest or in addition to your running program. However, you choose to use these principles and tools enjoy them and get the body that you want in less spent time spent in the gym.

What are some of your favorite conditioning drills friends? Let’s talk about them in the comment section below!





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