I have writing a lot about mind-sets lately as you may know if you have been following this blog for a while. So it seems funny that on the same day when I published my last post on the subject, I learned a lesson from my dog: Zoey. It was five something or the other in the morning last Friday and I took her outside to go to the bathroom. All of the sudden; she darted off into the darkness of our back yard after 5 huge deer. The funny thing is that the deer took off as if fire was shooting out of Zoey’s mouth and laser beams from her eyes.

There was a huge lesson in this for me. First of all my dog is not a huge dog, she is eighty-some pounds and not the tallest dog in the world.  But, the deer that she chased were huge.  Out-weighing her by more than double body weight and she was not afraid of them. I wish that I could bottle up this type of mentality and give it out to my students and family. Because I believe that we all at one time or another could use a dose of the Zoey mentality!

Think about it, how often as we approach a challenge do we let negative thoughts keep us from the joy of defeating it. I have experienced this issue as well. There have been times that I have approached a P.R. or tough times and thought that I can’t do it or other negative thoughts. At that moment you have a choice to succumb to these thoughts or not.

Now please be aware this doesn’t meant that we should not use good judgment or try to do something that we aren’t ready for. It just when it is time to move on and or make progress, that we use the Zoey mindset at that time!

In conclusion, how do you handle new challenges? Do you run in fear of failure as you face them? Or do you have the Zoey mentality and confront them head on? Train smart and have confidence when you approach your challenge and or a difficult situation. This however doesn’t eliminate failure, it will still happen at times. You just will know that you have given it your all and learn a whole bunch about yourself and training. The choice is yours, you can adopt the Zoey mindset or choose to live a life of never stepping out and experience the joy of overcoming!


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  1. AnthonyR says:



    • boxer114 says:

      Zoey Teaches me a lot. I figured this lesson was worth sharing especially for people like yourself, who confront fear often in fighting. I do remember my boxing day and the nervousness that I felt before a fight. You definitely need the Zoey mentality. thanks for the comment sir!


  2. […] one that I learned form her was about being even more bold when necessary. (You can read about it here) Just lately I have been contemplating another lesson that this dog is teaching me and that is […]


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