Not even a week ago I saw a fitness challenge on Facebook,  it was a sandbag squat challenge given by Troy Anderson. (for more information click here. ) This Challenge motivated me to try it out and to test out my conditioning and strength by doing it. Which brings me to a few questions that you may have even asked yourself about our workouts . Such as: Is Kettlebell training useful for anything besides training with kettlebells? I mean can it help you get conditioned and prepare you for other challenges?  We believe so. In fact, we were able to handle today’s challenge and workout as a result of conditioning with kettlebells coupled with our good programming. 


Watch the video below to witness this event.


You may have noticed that I had a little bit of a hard time cleaning the bag up at first. (there is nothing like being humbled in front of our viewers!)  That is because my dear friend Mark gave me an earlier version of the DVRT sandbags. Although being great, the handles are soft and elongate as you use them. ( A fact I found out the hard way). Any-way thankfully- I figured it out and it turned out to be an awesome session and a challenging workout/ test.  Now I want to share my joy/pain with you! 🙂

Weekly Workout

The Ultimate Sandbag Savage Squat Test



This workout is special and is meant to test you out. So if you think that you are not ready, you can keep conditioning with a squat emphasis. Also if you are going to push it and try to get a better “score”,  do it every two weeks or  monthly. This challenge is also a great way to test yourself and see where you may need to improve and then refocus your training on that issue. After doing that, feel free to re-test and see how you do and what is better.


This challenge is done by following these guidelines:

Your bag size will be according to your body-weight as given below:


5 minutes 50 Reps to a 12″ Plyo Box

BW Under 170 = 80lbs Burly
BW 171 – 210 = 100lbs Burly
BW 210+ = 150lbs Burly



Please be aware that this challenge is only acceptable if you follow the guidelines stated above. Please don’t say that you did it if you only use a 50 lb. bag. Also make sure that your form is the very best that you can do. If you do these few things you will earn the bragging rights of overcoming an intense man making session. Plus you will have some fun and  blast some fat while you are at it!


So get to it friends and join us!

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