This week’s workout came to me in a state of  delirium (or so it seems) one day as I was training for my level 2 RKC. I did my strength training for that day and needed to finish off with some metabolic conditioning to make my strength useful for everyday life. So I dreamed up this workout with the following movements: 10 double kettlebell swings (singles for novice kb people) 5 dead cleans to jerks (re cleaning the bell every time) and then 5 high pulls to put the icing on the kettlebell training cake. This workout was an intense one, I could only do 12 minutes and had the bells in my hands for 2 minutes each set.  It was heinous, painful and well…. freakin’ awesome!



Out of that session the following workout was born and is your wonderful, fat blasting, strength and muscle-building workout of the week.

 The Bomber!


Kettlebell training specialists Christian Lee, Moses Correa,Mark Mellohusky and Alisha Neville demonstrate an incredibly effective double kettlebell workout designed to get you maximum results in minimal time.

Here’s The Kettlebell Workout performed at Escape Fitness Medford NJ:

10 double or single bell swings (for beginners)
5 dead cleans to jerks Or regular cleans to push presses for beginners.
5 high pulls



These four kettlebell moves completed in together is one round.

Set the clock for 10 to 15 Minutes and do as many quality reps and rounds as you can within this time frame with this challenging total body workout.

The guidelines for success:

KIWK workout of the week- the drop down

  • Do all of your sets and reps with quality form. Crap only produces crap!
  • Breathe by matching your breathing with each pattern
  • Rest as much as you need to and no more.
  • Tough it out while working out ( keep in mind the results)
  • Enjoy the fat blasting effect  and raised metabolism.
  • Pace your tension and rounds



Choose a challenging kettlebell size to perform this workout.
Gals start with two 12kg or 16kg kettlebells.
Guys start with two 16 to 24 kg kettlebells.


So enjoy this workout friends and the fat blasting after effect that it will bring you as you train using the sick but lovely complex! Post some comments below after you did it and let me know how many quality rounds that you did!

Also as a gift to you,  I want to share with you my free videos series on the kettlebell swing, how to do it well and to get an amazing benefit from it safely Click here for it.

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