“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right” Henry Ford


I could never do that ” said person c about the Turkish Get-up. Rather than get offended by their lack of trust in my abilities as a trainer, I realized it was more about them. You see, the issue was not the Turkish Get-up or my ability to teach it in a way that almost anyone can learn it, but their own view of them. You see this person believed that they could never do the Get-up and our beliefs direct our behaviors.

It is Friday and most of our work weeks are behind us as well as our training weeks. I want you to honestly evaluate it and think did you try something new this week? Have you set out to learn something new and or set or broken a personal record? If not what is holding you back?  Be honest, This post’s goal is to inspire you to be better!


(Mo-tivation at it’s best: Moses with a sledgehammer)

 Just as I am a big believer in assessing our fitness and movement in order to find out how we can improve. I am also a person who believes in self assessment and reflection in order to improve our selves. So if  you are having trouble getting motivated to overcome something. Take a look at your thoughts and beliefs on the subject and yourself and fix them first. Then from the right thoughts, try the new or old thing that you want to do (even if you failed before). This fits any pursuit from fitness to business and in between. If you think you can or can’t, you are right!


Get to it and get better!


A man with a sledge-hammer in a picture



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