It seems as though there are three thoughts in the fitness world when it comes to corrective exercise. One group doesn’t believe in it at all and thinks that you suck if you can’t learn a movement. The second thinks that every mistake needs a deeper corrective measure. ( I call them corrective hypochondriacs) This group  never really gets anywhere in their training and fitness, due to wasting time on things that don’t really need to be done. Lastly, there is the group that is balanced and does what is needed with themselves and clients. They assess beforehand and then correct a movement enough to safely load it, thereby getting results in their training .  Now ask your self are you an exercise hypochondriac or are you thoughtless about your training?



The first group that I  mentioned are the type of people who blame their lack of competence as a trainer on their students. They over cue and never do drills that will correct the issue that the person that is struggling with. The most important thing that they can do:  assess their students in a scientific way is never done. Or they don’t even care about their clients success and safety. Which is really sad and probably means that they will eventually be turned off to fitness. Writing it off as something for others  and not themselves, robbing themselves of the benefits of proper training.

The second group is better intentioned and understand how the role of proper movement in training is paramount. But it seems as though they want to be perfect. They think that any issue that they might be having is a deeper issue and needs some kind of fundamental correction and that may be the case. However, one must be assessed to figure out what the problem may be and if it needs correction or a regression. Sometimes it just a matter of taking a step back from the move and owning the step before it. So don’t be an exercise Hypochondriac! 😛

Finally, we have the third group is the balanced person.  The trainer that assesses their students and then takes the proper steps to make the movement pattern better and then progresses the person to the next step. This person takes the time to teach/ learn a move well by spending enough time on a pattern to develop a quality of movement. Then they build true strength and conditioning on top of the foundation that they have spent the time laying down through wise training.

In conclusion, the choice is as always yours. You can read this post and write it off as something that is a waste of time or you can invest in your future by making choices that will benefit you long-term. If you do, you will be completely happy with your progress in fitness and training. Also as a huge bonus you will be kept out of the doctor’s office as a result of stupid training practices and a good foundation that will keep you  through the long haul! I hope that you choose wisely friends, I know what I have chosen!



If you have never taken the time to be movement screened and are in the Medford NJ Area contact me here and get it done today for your own sake!


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