As I walked through the gym one day, I witnessed a lot of bouncing and uncontrolled movements. There was the obligatory “nose bleed” squat as if they were a baby dancing. The person with the bent back on their deadlifts and of course someone on the roman chair swinging their legs up and down as if they were on a swing in the name of working their abs. That brings me to today’s post and how one can really train their abs and avoid the mistakes that will harm them in the process!

In fact just the other day I embarrassed a friend into using the Pavelizer at the gym that I work at. If you have never used this piece of equipment, you have no idea how difficult that it can be and how much it works the abs. She did well and finished the move, yet there were many that couldn’t even get up at all . Right then it became apparent that they have never really trained their abs. But  have used their hip flexors and momentum instead of the muscle to do their exercises . No wonder the people who make this training mistake never get stronger with ab  movements,develop their six packs  or  have never really feel the results of training properly.

True and effective abdominal training all starts with the right posture and positioning. It also requires as any other exercise does; deliberate and focused movement.


1. Posture: This all comes down to the set-up for your exercise. The first step that you want to take is to learn the hollow position and own it. The hollow position is not a shallow and weak drawing the naval in. But rather it is a focused brace and a tilting of the pelvis towards you all being held together by an intense static type crunch.

2. Positioning: This is very dependent on what ab exercise that you are choosing to do.  The ab wheel is going to be slightly different from the Janda sit-up and the hanging leg raise.  However all of these moves require that you know and maintain the hollow position before you do them.

3. Deliberate and focused movements: This holds true with any exercise. You will need to pay attention to what you are doing and how you are doing it. I know it seems like a lot, but if you do you will be rewarded in spades with the results you get. In fact you may get the you are on steroids speech or the genetics speech from your haters sue to your transformation.  Yet, you will know it is how you have been training and the effort that you put into every move and session. If you want to make everyone hate you, train hard and smart!

Since I have covered the rules of great ab training, I have some videos for you to teach you the hollow position and two awesome ab exercises:

The Hollow position drill get stronger with this simple but not easy drill!  (Warning, this may cramp your abs! )

The V-up ab exercise. use this as your starting point and as a regression:

The Hanging Leg Raise, Improve your pull-up and build up your abs with this movement:

I have given you three exercises in this post , that if you stick to being deliberate as you doing them will develop” bullet proof” abs. If you do them along with a good nutrition program get ready to have the sexy six pack that you want! Or if you are like me and you want to get stronger and move well then these drills will help you as well. So get to doing them and progress wisely!

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