The other day while talking to a client about a funny situation that happened at the gym with a fellow that used to come in. We all discussed the funny moment and I asked my client if he remembered the person. My clients response was : “oh, the guy that is in really good shape!” As I thought about it more, I realized that he was talking about how lean he was and not about what being in shape really means. Which is to be acclimated to a certain level of stress through training at that level.

Now that you know what “being in shape” means, I want to share with you what it is not. Although being lean is what everyone thinks being in shape is. That is just an adopted a definition of what being in shape is,but not the true one, as I stated earlier. What being conditioned is maintaining consistency of movement as you go about your session. It definitely is not letting your form break down to survive or just make it through a training session.  Which is what most people do!

A Demonstration of a person who is not truly conditioned.


A Demonstration of  people who are conditioned:


As you can see the difference is that the group of people are those that keep their form through-out the session.  In order to do this the movements that you want to use for conditioning need to be practiced and owned. So instead of just learning a few things about a move and then jumping into it, in order “to get a killer workout.” Practice  (yes Practice!) the move and get to to know it. Work  on your form and gradually build up your capacity not only to endure, but to overcome and to keep your form. In a nut shell that is what it means to be conditioned.

As always the choice is yours. You just can’t choose the consequences of the choice that you make!

If you want to learn how to do the kettlebell swing properly. I have put together a video series as a gift to you, on how to learn it properly! Just click here and put Kb series in the box and it will get it to you shortly!


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