When I was in my twenties, I would train what I thought was hard every training session. I had a feeling of superiority over most gym goers, who I didn’t think were “working hard” enough. I was always tired and had what I called “bad workouts” all too often. Looking back now and having learned a lot, I realize that I was so far away from reality. I was headed towards problems and injury as result of my training.

I know part of growing is learning and getting better (hopefully), I still do however regret those years that I spent living like that. Because there was a better way to get results that wouldn’t lead to the negative consequence that I encountered as a result to my approach to fitness. It is as I  always say “training shouldn’t get you hurt, it should get you results!”

Now a big part of the problem with fitness training and trying to improve is that people go way too far in their workouts to often. In other words, they wait until they are injured to pull back out of necessity to heal from their injury. It doesn’t have to be like that though we can pretty much avoid injury and still train to get results, if we train wisely and methodically. But in order to do that we first need to learn the signs of overreaching and training.

Before we get into the meat of this post, we need to understand what over-training is and what it is not. Over-training is not an intense workout session wherein you can keep your form and that you recover from. In addition to this training is not-constantly testing your limits ,letting your from break down and never taking time off from your training.
Now that you are aware of what is looks like,  you need to know that over training is usually not a one time event. It is usually accumulated over a period of time about three weeks are more. Over-training consists of a few symptoms that can be present as a result of this going to far. They are:

1. Lack of motivation and feeling of staleness. This usually comes  before the other signs.

2. Decreased Performance: You cannot lift as much weight as you could or you can’t run as fast and so on.
2. Your Progress Has Halted or you have digressed: This is obvious and fits closely with the last point, in that they usually go hand in hand.
3.You are getting sick: This one is not always an indicator, but if you are getting sick frequently. You want to consider this point and pay attention to your habits.
4. Your Energy Levels Suck: Fatigue is a result of training and must be recovered from. This can be done by waving your loads and or following the same but different principle.
5.Injury: This usually comes as a result of going way to far and usually doesn’t happen in one session but by accumulation again.

As you can see that over-training is a process and usually doesn’t happen overnight.  Training for results must be balanced. There needs to be times that you are reaching forward for a goal and accumulating fatigue and then backing off and resting and or doing light days.

Make sure that you are getting the proper amount of sleep and eating good foods to give your body what it needs to bounce back and perform well every training session. Of course the best way to deal with overdoing it, is to avoid it by planning what I call on purpose rest days. You will need to take off at least once a week and if you are training heavy even more. Every three weeks, take off at least three rest days without training(walking is ok) and every so often a week off.Be aware that this will not be easy to do, especially if you are a type a personality. You may have to force yourself to do it. But rest you must!   (in my Yoda voice)


So you must be aware of the benefits of recovery and how it will make you achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter if they are, fat-loss ( which is mostly nutrition) sports performance, strength gain and so on. You must rest in order to improve your capacity to do more and be more. So you must discipline yourself to think the right thoughts about training and rest or you will be stuck in an endless cycle of mediocrity, sickness and injury. The choice is yours, I what I have chosen! I will continue to improve over my lifetime!

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