I grew up with three older brothers and I am the youngest of all of us. My brothers were very impressive athletes.  My oldest brother was incredibly strong and got amazing results in his training. I always joke about him and say that if he just looked at a weight he got stronger and more jacked. Then there were the twins who were awesome basketball players and one of them was a very good boxer. So needless to say, I felt insecure as I grew up and  constantly compared myself to them and their accomplishments.



“Those who compare them selves by others are not wise”  The Apostle Paul


Many years have passed and I have learned a bit about my thought patterns, the way that I talked to myself and the power that they had over my life. I am by no means a sport-psychologist-  but I have a few thoughts that will help you get to your goals if you use them as I am learning to do!

A lot of our  failures can be linked to a certain way of thinking. For example, if you think you can never meet a goal you probably won’t. You will most likely not put any  or a half- hearted effort into your pursuit of it and then tell yourself that  you have “done your best.” When in reality you have not nearly put enough effort into accomplishing your task. I believe this is a big part of the reason that so many people never meet their fat-loss/fitness goals.

Think about it for a second, how do you respond when you fail?  (Which by the way will  happen-one wise person said that “if you never fail, you  probably aren’t getting better!“) (Not me :p) Do you respond with self-deprecating thoughts and speech? This can be a good sign that you have adopted a failure mindset. Do you compare yourself with others, thinking that they are better than you and or that they  never fail? Then once again, you have adopted an unrealistic attitude towards yourself and others. Everybody fails, even super successful people. The key is to learn something every time you fail. Thomas Edison said that he didn’t fail, but learned how not to do something 10,000 times. Do you see the power of perspective?! Was Thomas Edison successful in his goal of making a light bulb?

There are also a ton of other people throughout history that have had an unrelenting attitude towards their goals and have chosen to be strong in spite of their challenges. Then in time they have overcome their difficulty and made history as a result. However , in order to not over-stress that point-let’ s get in the meat of today’s post!  Change is always a process, it will the same as you endeavor to change your old non-productive mind-set for a new productive one. But, if you are willing to put in the work of discipline to change your speech and thoughts you will be transformed into a new person as a result.

Now for the practical application: When you mess up or make a mistake, think of it as it is a learning experience and a chance to get better. In fact one of the best ways that our brain learns is from failure! So start to say and think positive things about yourself, don’t say things such as “I will never be able to do it, instead you should think and say that “I just can’t do it right now” This is a very realistic thought process and will help you begin to have more motivation to continue to pursue  the process of getting better! Also have the mindset of patience with yourself especially if you are learning how to do something new and or better.

Now that you have learned to treat yourself better and that you have developed a new mindset towards yourself. Begin to treat other people the same way. We need to be careful not to make others have the same issues that we have dealt with and are dealing with, treat others as you want to be treated. The great thing about changing from your old mindset is that you are now free to treat others the same way!

As you can see there is a huge value in changing your thinking. So get out there and get to it and get better! Your life and your fitness results will begin to be better than you could ever imagine. Especially if you have the right kind of instruction on how to get results!

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