I am so frustrated! “I am not sure what to do in my training and I’ve plateaued. “Exclaimed one of my friends in utter frustration with his seeming lack of progress. I then being the good friend that I am, realized that I needed to talk him down off of his proverbial cliff. I first mentioned that the “plateau” effect can often just be that you simply need to be consistent in your training until you overcome whatever your challenge may be. Then secondly, it also may require that you need to take the next step that you have earned through constant practice.

ImageIf you share my friend’s challenge this post is for you or if you simply want to be challenged to get the full benefit of your time spent training. Then read on my friends because this post is for you and will help you overcome your challenge in being challenged!

As you read earlier if you have spent enough time on a movement or progression and have made it easy( E.G 300 2 hand swings a day) Then not only are you ready but you also will need to move to the next step to keep getting killer results. Believe it or not this is a lot easier than you think to do and I am about to tell you a few ways that you can do just that!

Way 1. Go from symmetrical exercise to asymmetrical ones:
You have followed the rules of your training program and you have smashed it and got crazy results. Whether it was a push up program and you have been doing two armed push-ups or two-handed swings. A very simple way is into doing a one arm push up progression  like uneven push-ups or begin to do the wonderful one arm swing.  As a bonus and because I consider myself a nice guy, here is a one arm swing video to help you do just that:

Way 2. Decrease your rest in between sets:

All that this approach requires is a stop watch, your kettlebell and mental toughness. If you have been doing a minute rest simply begin to rest for 45 secs or  40 secs and then go right into your next set. This will increase your conditioning and work capacity and strength, due to the new level of Eu-stress on your body.

Way 3. Do more reps in a set:
This is another way of increase your threshold and providing the body systems with a new level of stress. Once again as well as the rest of steps use good judgement. Don’t jump from 5 reps to 20, make sure that you form is consistent throughout your reps. Otherwise you will end up injured or burned out before you meet your goal!

Way 4. Do all of your swings or move in a more condensed time period:
In other words, if you have been doing 150 in the morning and in the afternoon then do 200 in a time or all three hundred in one workout. Once again this will be new stimulus to your brain and it will produce continuous results for you!

Way 5. Go heavier:

I have saved this one for lost because kettlebells can be expensive (but are a good investment) so you can work through all of the other steps and build yourself in strength and conditioning and then you will be completely ready for a heavier bell. So not only would you have prolonged spending money on a heavier bell but you will be in a much better place to handle the heavier bell.You would earned the next bell intelligently and still gotten crazy results in the process!

This post was all about helping you get to the next level without having to read every exercise text-book and listen to charlatans’ opinions on how to get better. Here are some simple ways that any body can do and get results in their training. Just pick one of them to do and or you can switch them every other workout or once a week or you can  stick to one particular mode. You now have options to help you get to the next level, get to work and get to the next level in your training!

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