I have been very fortunate to be a coach on the 300 swings a day challenge. I have really enjoyed interacting with my fellow kettlebell slingers and swingers. However, I have noticed so many of the participants getting overuse injuries and other such complaints of pain. I am not going to give an overall cure-all answer to why this is. Because I have been training for a long time and realize that everyone is need of assessment before I can help them become better. Yet today’s post is one of those posts that will give some general help and make better 80% of us that may struggle with the swing. ( If you don’t know how to do a swing, go here to learn)

How to fix your kettlebell swingMay I say that before I offer my expert advice on how to fix up faulty and ugly form, that kettlebell training has a bad name in many circles. This more often than not is due to a lack of good instruction and improper progression. In fact recently I heard story of a Chiro. telling one of his patients that she is “too old” for kettlebell training. As if it wasn’t scalable to every individual and their fitness levels. My response was that, this person shouldn’t even move, because the kettlebell training isn’t that problem, but the person’s faulty movement patterns are! So friends understand that kettlebells do not breathe fire and are not looking to kill you!

The first thing that is needed for proper form development and the corresponding safety that it brings in the swing is a comfortable toe touch. Other wise you will probably bend your low back which needs to be stable for health reasons and end up hurting yourself. However, how can you fix your toe touch when they don’t have one?

Watch the video below to find out:

Then after you have established a comfortable toe touch you then are free to properly pattern the hinge movement.  

(Zoey my guest trainer makes an appearance in this video and helps Mark hinge deeper!:P)

After that, you will have the positioning to be able to do a safe deadlift as the next step for your kettlebell swing. Also if you need more help to get deeper in your back swing you can use  the behind the heels deadlift variation to help you:

Then you will want to practice the pendulum swing:

The next step is the dead swing:
(Set the bell down in between every rep)

regular 2 hand swing:

Now that you have learned these drills you will want to practice them in the order given as a corrective circuit. This will help you learn how to swing with better form and spare you low back. Pay attention to your back swing don’t let the bell drop too low (below your knees) or don’t lean back on the top. Just let the bell go about chest height or lower for now. On the top of your swing tighten your abs and glutes and pause for a second as the bell drops. Finally wait to the last second and then hinge and explode back up for another rep.

Last but not least practice your swing don’t try to do more than your form can stand. Gradually build up your volume and strength. As you do you will be able to utilize this awesome move for fat-loss and strength building and you will stay healthy as you do!

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