Stress is so common now a days. We have more road rage than ever and people harming others and themselves. I believe that this is due to not having intelligent strategies to help deal with this killer. As you may know that we can eliminate some of our stress by using our heads, not over extending ourselves and resting more. On top of that here are a few thoughts that I use to keep me healthy and not to let stress ruin my gains in the gym.

1 Nutrition, eat to recover from training and stress.The stress of life and training can and will break our bodies down. We need to make sure that we are getting our proper nutrients and rest in order to recover from them. So eat lean proteins and whole foods (fruits and vegetables) and a whole food vitamin. Happy training and recovery friends!

2.  Make adjustments in your training when you are extra stressed.
Don’t always train everyday all the time instead do something light, such as a stroll, hike and or a light bike ride.Constantly taking your self over the edge along with the stresses of life is a recipe for pain!

3.Plan out your day. week and goals:  Don’t try to do everything, prioritize your things that need to be done by listing them in order of importance. Then do them in that order and make sure that you don’t try to do everything yourself, have others help when appropriate.

4.Take the time to do something fun for yourself: Find things that bring you joy and spend time on them. it could be your family a hobby or even working out.

5.Work Intelligently: 
I cannot say enough on the power of perspective. Our view of things can make our lives more stressful or joyous, the choice is ours. If you are a micro manager or a person that thinks everything depends on you,
A. You are mistaken the world got along fine before you came into it.
B. You need more people in your life that you can trust to share the work with you.
The choice is yours, choose wisely for your own health’s sake.



Here are a few pointers for you, I hope they help. What are ways that you deal with stress? Share them below.
  1. mybodymytime says:

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    Great rules to live by


  2. mybodymytime says:

    Great post….great rules to live by


  3. fitnerdnyc says:

    Agreed! Mine is definitely working out… such an amazing stress reliever.


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