Writing is awesome to me, there are times when it has purging effect on my mind. It is as if all of the things that I may hold inside can be brought out in a constructive way and help others at the same time. Today’s post is one of those, I have so much information and want to give some of it to others and hopefully by the end of this rant, you will get at least one useful thing to help you or a least to make you laugh!

(Disclaimer this post will be a series of rants and are all not fitness related.)

Rant #1: Trying to fit in:
There is something strange to me about human nature, that is the desire to be different yet at the same time trying to fit into the crowd. I sometimes see the mob of people as a Where’s Waldo book. Everyone looks the same and only one person stands out, in this case Waldo. Are you aware that being controlled by the desire to fit in will not only make you miserable but also  create more  stress in you life? But in addition to that will rob you of most (if not all) of your ability to make a difference in the world.Think about it, all of the people who have created change were people who didn’t want to fit in, but saw a need and then did something to fix it. A perfect example of this was Dr. Martin Luther King JR.. He wasn’t willing to just settle for the ideals of society, but labored to change what the status quo was at the time. So if you want to make a diffidence, don’t be afraid to stand out and to share the truth in a respectful way. Even if you only influence one as a result!


Rant#2 Not working hard enough in training:
This is almost as much of a problem as working too hard and not recovering properly . Both of these issues will cause the trainee to not get much results from their time at the gym. This may be the number one reason that so many people don’t get anywhere in their goals.

If you want results you must:

A. Have the right load and do the right amount of reps for that load.

B. Not go to failure, never let your form break down. Not only is it dangerous, you also will not get any results from it.

Just keep in mind that there is no progress without struggle. However, you must struggle safely or else you will not see change! be balanced friends!

Rant#3  Receiving advice and never-changing:
I see this one all of the time, when some one is a professional they are often asked questions to help others. That in itself is that big of an issue. Yet, I have noticed that most of these people  never follow through. I have two theories as to why that is:
1. The question asker really doesn’t want a solution and just wanted the expert to justify their present situation and mindset.

2. They do not value the information that they are given. That can usually be fixed by putting a price on services rendered.

People who practice this trait can bring a lot of frustration and stress to the adviser. So if you are such a person, be honest about your motives and follow through when given good advice.

There it is friends, my purging post (LOL). I hope that some of these rants helped you and or maybe helped you to think differently about things. What are some rants that you have my friends? Feel free to post them below!

Also, if you want to learn more about me or my programs go here: http://www.mosescorrea.com/about-moses.html


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