The kettlebell clean is an exercise that has caused more winces of pain and bruises than any other that I know. It is an exercise that most only do because they “have to” and are in fear throughout their practice of it. I can’t tell you how many times that I have seen this move used as a self-abuse tool to prove how tough that fitness buff is by smacking themselves continually with the bell.
For those that realize that self-abuse shouldn’t be part of exercise and training I have hope for you: it is today’s post! For those of you who think it is cool to continue to get banged up by the bell and risk injury. I would like to teach you to box and maybe we can go pro.:) I digress though let us learn how to develop a mean kettlebell clean friends.


The first thing that we need to know how to do when we want to learn how to clean a kettlebell,  is to know how to do the two-handed swing. Simply because the  clean is a swing. Most people when they attempt to  clean try to use their arm to get the bell up. This is a mistake and should be avoided by working on your two hand swing and or by using a heavier bell to clean. (try to “clean” a beast kettlebell  by doing a curl. Go ahead I dare you.;) )
So first thing first- watch the video below and learn how to two hand swing :
Secondly:  you will want to spend time on the 1 arm swing. The one swing is a great progression for the clean because it will teach you how not to over-rotate and help you correct any imbalances between your sides in preparation of the clean. Also as a bonus it will make you stronger!
Lastly after you have established the two preceding movements you can know begin to clean and follow the progressions in the video above. However. if you are still getting banged here is a drill to help you get better.
Simply just face a wall and work on your clean. As you practice and if you have any kind of brains your concern for the wall this drill will make you “tame the arc” of the clean  keeping you from the misery of get nailed by the bell. In this video we did a hammer clean you can do it that way or follow the top down clean and or start form the floor as shown in our first video. I would try all three of them and pick the one that helps you not get banged.
Lastly, friends as promised I have a wonderful clean workout for you that involves two bells. But if you don’t feel ready keep practicing your progressions and do swings for conditioning. Also you may use one bell to do it until you feel comfortable with two. Please use good judgement here, getting hurt will not get you to your goals!
Now that you have learned how to clean a kettlebell, keep practicing it and perfecting it. Because your press,front squat, pushpress and jerk are only as good as your clean.

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