Life offers us so many complex choices. We have to choose many things, where we will go to college, whom we will marry, where we will live, what car we will drive and so many other like choices. Some don’t affect us as much as others, yet there are so many that have the potential to wreck our lives or make them better.With all of this pressure in life,why make fitness more difficult?

After following this series and especially after reading this particular post you will be armed with good information on how to choose a program that will continue to give you results over the long haul. In my opinion a big part of  sticking to a training program and being able to get continual results is minimalism.

minimalismYou may never have heard of this concept and want to learn more about it. The best definition comes from my friend and fitness minimalism expert Pat Flynn:

“Now minimalism, by definition, is any style or design that uses the simplest and fewest components to produce the maximum effect.

And that’s what Pat’s philosophy is all about: doing the LEAST amount you need to do to get the job done, and not a smidgen more. That is, to seek out and practice the “vital few” efforts that are proven to produce the greatest results, and to ignore the “squirrels”—the fads, the trends, and the gimmicks.

The secret to a good exercise program is to strip it down to its fewest, most fundamental components, and then to leave it at that!

In other words, a fitness program should contain no unnecessary workouts, a workout no unnecessary exercises.”

Now that you have a basic understanding of what minimalism is watch the video below to learn more about it and tying it all together in your training.

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