5 reasons to train with kettlebellsWhen I first got into kettlebell training some many years ago now, I sporadically used them in my training and didn’t see any real value in them. I thought they were  just  “another way to workout” in what I thought was an amazing arsenal of exercises and progressions. That was back when I viewed myself as a good trainer due to my ability to make people do movements that nobody else did. (at least at my gym)

Fast forward a few years and I am now a kettlebell enthusiast and train with them often. “What happened to you in those few years that changed you?” You may ask. I took the time to do research on kettlebell training and have learned a lot, that is what today’s post is about.

5 good reasons to  train  with kettlbells

Good reason #1: Kettlebell training has a low injury rate.
It is funny how many people are afraid of  kettlebells as though they were a coiled snake that is ready to strike at any minute. This is a misguided thought, because if these particular people were aware of the facts they would know that according to Soviet research – kettlebells only have a low 5% injury rate. The problem with these people is a lot of the times  they hear  horror stories about someone getting injured training with kettlebells. Yet they are unaware that such injuries are usually due to lack of instruction and or poor movement habits on the exerciser’s part. Also please be aware that kettlebells themselves can’t be dangerous- in fact they are an inanimate object so  they cannot hurt you by themselves. Once again it all goes back to instruction and proper movement. So if you are interested in starting a kettlebell program make sure that you are working with a certified instructor and someone who can get you moving safely even before you start training.

Good reason#2: Kettlebell exercises are movement based.
There are so many advantages to this point, in fact  it could  be a post by itself. For now suffice it to say that because they are movement based, the moves work every muscle in the chain of the movement and burn more calories per set and rep as a result. Also this leads to huge transference to sports and life thus making your training time more beneficial to you. In fact, legendary strength coach Dan John calls the kettlbell swing the fat burning athlete builder.

Good reason #3: Kettlebell training removes all complication:
Most of the moves in kettlebell training are basic human movements and training for success doesn’t require more than them to get serious results. No longer will you have to figure out what your next move is to keep making progress . You can simply practice your swings , get-ups  and get just about all of the training that you need.

(Now we know Iron man’s secret to being iron:p)

Good Reason #4: Kettlebells will make you strong:
Gone are the days of you having to do all kinds of different exercises to build strength and power. Instead you can learn how to properly use a kettlebell and save time and money by training with kettlebells just about anywhere and at any time.

Good reason#5: Kettlebell training can be done more frequently than a lot of other fitness tools.
Due to the relatively light weights of  kettlebells the process of recovery takes less time to get ready to get another rocking, fat blasting session. In fact, due to the same but different principle and learning to wave loads , reps and changing your rest times one can work out with kettlebells at least 5 days a week and get some really good training sessions in the process. Just make sure to get your rest and proper nutrition in!:)

These preceding reasons to train with kettlebells are just but a few and I only scratched the surface. But hopefully after reading this post you are either a little more or completely convinced to learn how to use this tool or are encouraged to continue training with them. Kettlebells are safe if used properly and are an awesome tool for the minimalist and those who are pressed for time!

If you have never learned how to use kettlebells properly, I have three options to help you learn how. My online coaching, one on one sessions and of course Killing It With Kettlbells SJ boot camp. So click on the links for each program to contact me and learn from an expert kettlebell instructor and remove all of the doubt about your safety and effectiveness.
  1. lukas502 says:

    The Iron man doing that Turkish get up is amazing haha, great reasons


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