how to choose a training program flexibilty

I don’t spend time on flexibility, because it won’t make me look good.” stated a fellow trainer at a gym that I worked at. Which I replied to by saying  “you are right  it won’t”, but you still need to do it.” While working at that same gym where I had this conversation, I can remember seeing people come and go and never do anything about their flexibility. Most of these people moved like Frankenstein and couldn’t do basic movements that were essential for their safety, due to a lack of  flexibility. The laws of flexibility are the same as any other fitness pursuit, if you don’t use, it you lose it!. Today’s post will both encourage to train flexibility and give you some sample stretches and programs to practice.

Much like  any other quality in fitness, training flexibility is often either overdone or underdone by fitness enthusiasts. On the one hand we have people who stretch only (usually  yoga practitioners there is nothing wrong with yoga, I am just saying there needs to be a balance.) Of course on the other side of the spectrum we have people who never stretch and only do strength and those things that make them look good. I hope by now you see that we need to do both. For yogis being strong will keep your flexibility safe and for my strength friends being flexible will make you stronger!

how to choose a training program flexibiltyIt is funny how on both ends of the spectrum, we have people who think it is a wus thing to  stretch and the other end  people who think  those who strength train are idiots. There are of course instances that this can be true (chuckle, chuckle) however overall it isn’t so. As I stated before we need to balance out our strength with flexibility and our flexibility with strength. There are a few ways that you can do that:

First , you can warm-up with stretching and mobilizing our ares that we need to work on.

Second, you can do them in between our sets as  you are recovering

Third, you can do it after you train for aid in recovery.

Fourth, stretch and mobilize throughout the day, especially if you have a seated job.

It all really depends on how much that you have to do and the time that you can put into it. However as you see the one thing that  you don’t have is an excuse. If you really want to be the best that you can be and to have good health you will  want to use one or more of these ideas to improve this important part of fitness. Now the best way to stretch in general is simply to work on patterns or if your screen shows you that you have a need to do isolated stretches then you can and should.

Some general stretches are the Brettzel stretches:

These two could be enough stretching for most people.

There also is the frog stretch for those who want to do a side split and or want to squat as deep as they can:

The kneeling hip flexor stretch again for squat depth and for those who have a seated job:

Finally we have bridging movements:

Hopefully by now you are aware of your need for flexibility and any issues that you may have. Use these drills to keep yourself moving well and to stay training for a longtime. If you just started to read this blog today or missed some of the posts leading up to this post click here to read them.

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  1. joggingproud says:

    Great advice. I for one love yoga, especially right after spin class to stretch out the quads and abs. If I don’t stretch, I know I will pay for it later with muscle stillness and not being able to exercise that day.


  2. I’m counting down the hours until my lunch break so I can try the Bretzel!


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