While sitting in a consultation one time, I asked the person interested in training if they had any injuries. The person’s response was to be expected by those who don’t know. ” I have bad knees, so I can’t squat he stated.  It is sad how many people believe this and do not train a basic human movement robbing themselves of the benefits that it brings.   I feel like squats are much like politicians, in that everyone blames their troubles on them. May I repeat again (at he risk of being called tony two-time)that movement is not the problem but poor movement with too many compensations in it.

This post is not about fixing up a squat as much as it is how to progress in your kettlebell front squat and a workout that will blast fat as photon blaster would away from your body. However, if you do need help with your squats go here: https://boxer114.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/5-ways-to-fix-your-lousy-squat/ Then come back and get started with this posts progressions.

Without further ado let’s get into today’s post that will get you squatting like a champ and guide you into strength and conditioning.

How to Learn and  Progress The Kettlebell Front Squat

Our first video is one on how to learn how to properly front squat and when to progress into the next move.

Then this video is a demonstration of the double kettlebell front after you have made the previous ones easy.

Lastly we will  put it all together for a killer fat blasting kettlebell workout from your local friendly trainer Moses Correa.


  1. […] Click here to learn and to progress the kettlebell squat. […]


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