Strength_Training[1]  Training people can be difficult at times, first of all most people have no idea how to train properly and to get continual results. Secondly, they lack the essential movement needed to build that training on. I don’t know how many times that I have heard the phrase “I need to sweat.” As is sweating were somehow an indication of  progress in training and of an effective workout. Don’t get me wrong in a good program there will be times of excessive sweating. But if that is all that you are doing then you are missing out on a true fitness program geared towards your needs. As I wrote last week– we first and foremost need to be movement assessed then we need to build on that foundation by becoming strong.

Strength is vital for many reasons in our training and it is often completely bi-passed as the perceived lack of talent kid on the basketball court.( btw that was mostly me lol.) Then it is often replaced by something that is thought of as sexier and more effective, because how you “feel” as you do it. Don’t let strength training become rejected by you in your training and here a few reasons why.

1.Being strong will help you continue to move well.

As you may know what we load we keep. So after you have gone through our correctives and you have acceptable movement, you will need to get strong to keep it. In fact your correction is not completed until you can  lift half of your body weight in a single leg deadlift for 8-12 reps or such like feats of strength in any movement.


2. Strength is the master quality after good movement
Most people begin exercising because they want to lose fat/”get ripped” and that is an ok goal. As long as the needs of that person are being systematically meet in their fitness program. If you want to get lean then we need to condition and eat well. However you will never last long enough in your conditioning,if you are not strong first and foremost. So no matter what your goals maybe, you will need to get strong enough to get to them.

3.Strength is not”easy come easy go”
Strength takes time to build and it must be earned by its seeker. But just as people who earn their wealth hold onto it better than the lottery winner (who usually ends up broke). Strength will stay around for a while and once you are stronger you are always stronger than before. Once again get stronger and then condition, not the other way around.
how to choose a training program strength

4. Strength will help keep you safe as you live and play sports
This one is a well-known fact backed up by plenty of research, that the stronger your muscles, tendons and ligaments are the harder it is to damage them.

5. Strength will make you more explosive
Training with plylos and Olympic lifts are a great way to increase your explosive power. However, if you are not strong first where is the power going to come from? Just doing explosive work  by itself will not cut it. It must be created from the strength that you built-in strength training.

In effort not to make this post too long and unreadable I am going to cut it off here. However these 5 reasons are only a few of the many reason why you will need to spend time on building strength no matter what your goals maybe. In order to become stronger  you will need to lift heavy enough for you to get stronger. Be consistent  in your training, don’t jump from move to move or program to program. Invest time a in training for strength and be patient as you  progress wisely. Then when you are ready to begin to train specifically for your goals, you will sky-rocket your progress in fat loss, conditioning,sports performance and so on. Don’t miss out on being all that you can be out of impatience and a lack of proper programming to meet your long-term goals and “remember bro. easy come easy go.”

As a bonus click here for a sample strength program. You can use it as a template or follow it to the tee!

Keep following this blog as this series continues the next week with part 4: conditioning.

After reading this some of you maybe confused or may not know where to begin. I want you to know that I am here to help and that my online coaching will clear up any confusion and give you intelligent programming that will get you to your goals.

Just fill out the form below and we can set up a no-obligation time to chat about your goals and how I will help you get to them!

  1. […] How To Choose A Training Program part 3; Strength February 7, 2014 […]


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