Have you ever been stuck in line behind someone who just can’t decide what they want? I was behind a person one time at subway and they kept changing their mind on what they wanted. They would say Oh I want this…. wait no I want and so on. By the way have you noticed this only happens when you are in a rush! (Murphy’s law) I digress though, I believe that  this type of indecisiveness  comes from a lack of knowledge and conviction on what is good or not and or a fear of missing out if you choose one particular thing.

Many people treat their fitness this way they randomly bounce from program to program and gadget to gadget thinking that it will bring them results. However people like this rarely get anywhere near their goals and blame it on factors out of their control, such as their age, thyroid etc. I can only blame it on one thing lack of real knowledge of training and how the body works in relation to it.
ImageNot all training programs are created equal. There are certain fundamental facts that must be present in any training program in order for it to be effective in all of the areas needed in health and fitness. These are proper movement, strength, conditioning , flexibility and minimalism . If any of these are missing from your program will leave you lacking in a very important aspects of fitness and more importantly your health. I will cover each of these topics one by one over the next few weeks so watch for that.

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