Kettlebells are an incredible training tool and although they have some short comings in terms of what you can do with them. They are very close to perfect for training and In fact, just training with kettlebells and body weight can meet all your fitness  needs.  One of those issues that many think is a big one is the fact the The bell’s weight is its weight. As you are aware barbells and dumbells  are pretty easy to progress, you can simply add weight to do them.

Not so with kettlebells  it is not that easy and unless you have unlimited money you won’t be able to buy heavier kbs as often. So what does one to progress? That question is a very good one( not as good as the question of our existence, but close) and unlike that question the answer is  as watching this video  below and following the progressions given and then moving on into a heavier bell when needed.Your wallet will thank you!

Also, I pleased to announce that I am offering my online fitness coaching at a half off rate for three months. If you sign up before the end of  the month of Jan.

If you want to come back from an injury and become stronger and fitter than before or if you have gotten nowhere for a while in your training, this program is for you! 
I am taking only four people on so join now before it’s too late 
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