The other day  I helped clean up after a church event. The event went well and it was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed talking to people who I don’t always get a chance to. However the end came and we all got to work on cleaning up. There were tables to be moved and stuff to be put away.  None of it was super heavy, yet I witnessed people become smoked from moving it around. I also saw  unsafe lifting technique as my comrades worked hard to restore order.

I understand that many of these amazing people were a “bit” older than I am. However a lot of the issues that we experience as we get older are not just us aging, but are more a decline in power and muscle mass . This is exactly what I witnessed on this particular day a lack of strength and power due to not being involved in a good strength program.

you need to strength train

I am aware that our society still has a little bit of a stigma that serious strength training is for fanatics and weirdos. In fact there is an ad campaign done by planet fitness that shows that those that are serious about lifting weights as jerks , judgmental creeps and plain old idiots.

I am aware that this true at times. But I have been at various gyms for over a decade now and have only come across a few people like this in comparison to the good ones that I have met. So as anything this stereotype is taken to extreme and can be harmful to people who desperately need to get stronger by keeping them away from their local fitness center.

Enough with that rant, it is time to talk about some of the benefits of getting stronger. Now please  be aware I am not talking about breaking the world record in power-lifting but a sensible program  that will help overcome the challenges of aging.

Do you remember my story from before and the two issues that I mentioned in it?

1. fatigue from lifting lighter things: I know everyone’s reaction to this one will be that someone who gets tired from work needs aerobic conditioning. However, that is a wrong view and will not help anyone overcome this obstacle. Rather what is needed is to get stronger and to make the lighter load lighter to your brain. Who would you rather have move you, a power-lifter who can squat 500 lbs. or a marathon runner who can do 150 lbs? If you picked the power-lifter, you are correct!  The person who is stronger will be able to lift your lighter stuff for longer. Simply because it all will most likely be way below his one rep max. Whereas the runner will be lifting things that are closer to his and run out of gas quicker than you can say Bob is your uncle! The take away is work on getting stronger than your daily tasks require!

2. Unsafe technique when lifting things up: We are the sum total of the things that we practice. It is the same with lifting weights and things up. In addition to this if something feels heavy to you, your brain will automatically try to “cheat it up.” The proper and intelligent use of strength training will teach you how to lift things with good safe technique and get you strong enough to do it. For more information on how this principle will help you avoid a low back injury when lifting things up read this post:

why you need to strength train

I hope this post helps you, I want everyone to enjoy their lives and part of that is to take responsibility for what we can control. Getting older doesn’t have to be a miserable experience that make life harder than it has to be. We can choose to be proactive and begin to build strength and sufficient power to live a better life and even enjoy our chores and helping of others. Also if you are young and have read this post take the time to invest in your future by strength training now.

If you do not know what to do then contact me and we can talk about your goals and how I will help you get to them. Do it now because  this month because I am running a special that makes my online coaching half off for the first three months.

I will teach you how to get results that will transfer over to your life with less time spent training.

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