81713 002The new year is finally here and many will take the pilgrimage to the gym and or will want to learn a new skill. Considering the headway that kettlebell training is making many are beginning to utilize them in their training. Oftentimes this leads to people who are completely unqualified to utilize this tool giving them a bad name in the medical community and an irrational fear of kettlebell training and basic human movement.

In fact just the other day I witnessed the a horrific “swing”  being done as I was working out.  The person’s head was bobbing up and down, their knees were moving back and forth over their toes and they were pulling with their arms. Now I am aware that some of those can happen when someone is learning.  However  this “instructor”  did absolutely nothing to correct it, relaying on what Pat Flynn will call the miracles of God to fix.

Today’s post is  about how to learn to perform the kettlebell swing without developing any major dangerous mistakes in the movement. So watch the video and copy the progressions given out in it.

Enjoy friends and Swing in the New Year with this awesome fat burning and simple to do move.

If you need further help with or want to learn the swing fill out the from below to set up, I can help.


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