I wrote about some of the benefits of a good fasting program as you may already know. If you haven’t read it here is the link:  https://boxer114.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/what-will-fasting-do-for-you/ 
Fasting is awesome but as it is with anything good, there are extremes that need to be avoided.  Once again, I am a proponent of fasting and practice it myself and as a result have experienced tremendous benefits.  Yet, there is a need to avoid extremes because anything overdone can lead to problems in the long run. This post will show you how to avoid then and get the full benefit of your fasting program.

fasting avoiding extremes

Finding a balance:

Just as there is such a thing as over exercise, there is also such a thing as over fasting. I have come across many extreme type of practices done in the name of fasting in the last year or so. I remember being on a forum and one person was recommending that people only eat once a day every day. That is a little bit of overkill in the name of fat loss and probably with the misinformed desire to lose fat even faster than possible. Do you recall how before  I stated that certain hormones are released as we fast? In moderation and in the realm of balance that is a good thing. However, we can easily burn out our endocrine system if we overwork it by too much fasting.  So just as with training we need to rest and balance out our eating times with our fasting times.

What should we do?How to make fasting successful

As it has been with kettlebell training in the last few years wherein unqualified undereducated people started to use them and hurting others. It has been the same in the last year or so with fasting many people have jumped on the proverbial band wagon without being truly informed in order to make cash. This has led to extreme and harmful practices in this area and tons of books that have been written that are not realistic. If you are looking for good information on fasting stick with Ori Hofenmaker, Brad Pilon and Pat Flynn’s’ works. These three are very grounded in science and have put together practical and safe fasting programs . Just make sure that you avoid extreme extremes.

Fasting is a great thing to practice for fat loss, weight maintenance and health. However, any good thing can become harmful if overdone. So we have to use our intellect to make sure that we are get the full benefit safely.

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