One of the worst thing I see as an instructor is that my colleges in the industry don’t progress people , or worse yet they put fitness on top of dysfunction. This usually comes out them not having the knowledge to do what they are trying to get the person to do. Then there also the weak people who has not established the trainer to trainee relationship and as a result are robbing their clients.

porr training

We as fitness coaches need to make our people understand that everything that is good in life must be earned. We cannot have a good career without being continually educated and working our rears off for it. We wouldn’t walk unless we earned it through a process of development and even falling down at times. Why we do we think that it would be different when we train. We do we want to do the ” advanced” stuff and not work on the basics and earn the ability to a movement. I think of the pistol squat as an example it is a move that needs to progressed into in order to be safe and done well. Yet I have seen those that have “jumped the gun” and they have a horrible one leg squat as a result. Or there are those people who give up because it didn’t happen yet.



The moral of this story keep on working and earn the next step!

Exercise coach Moses Correa

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