Every time I write a post about fasting I get some very interesting feedback from my readers. Don’t get me wrong I welcome reader interaction, in fact I love it. It just seems as though when I choose to discuss fasting and it’s benefits that everyone freaks out about it. I understand this, I really do-we all have been taught that we must eat often in order to lose fat and “keep our metabolisms up” and if we don’t we will go into ” starvation mode.” Also for other people they just don’t want to stop eating as much as they do or they seek comfort instead of the challenge of fasting. I think all of these reasons are cool and I wouldn’t begrudge anyone their right to comfort and differing beliefs.

But what if there isImage a better way? What if the difficulty of a fasting program will lead to a better quality of life? Would it be worth it for you to practice it? Considering the fact that this is a fitness blog we are all familiar with the pain and difficulty of training, yet we do itrealizing that we will achieve the benefit of our goals and better health. What if the laws of our nutritional health were the same? would you change your mindset towards fasting as a lifestyle?

The goal of this post is not to change your mind as much as it is to share the benefits of fasting and to bring balance to those who may overdo it looking to lose extra fat.

The benefits of fasting:

As I stated earlier that fasting is often looked at as something that is not healthy for us.  I used to think like this I however, I have done my research  and have since changed my mind and health as a result.

  • Fasting helps control insulin.
     Our culture has many health problems due to this problem of high insulin levels. Such as excess fat storage and premature death are linked to excessive insulin levels in the blood. Fasting gives us the ability to bring down insulin levels in the blood and gives the liver a chance to rest from the over production of this storage hormone.
  • Fasting causes us to use fat for energy.
    Fat storage is simply stored energy in the body. Fasting causes us to burn off some of that energy in order to function and live. Also if you add in exercise while fasting you just have created a fat destroying machine out of your body. You may as well call your self the terminator of fat! ” Fat you won’t be back!”
  • Fasting makes us alert
    When we go without eating for set periods of time our bodies release a “cocktail” of hormones that not only cause us to burn more fat. But they also make us alert and focused and better performing at our tasks. Like right now with my writing I am just flowing and feel more focused at it.
  • Fasting breaks food’s ownership of us and makes us eat less.
    No one will ever admit it but most of us are addicted to food. Think about it, we end up mean and miserable if we go a short period of time without eating. Sometimes people will even go to severe extents to get food. Now, please be aware that I am not talking about starving it takes three days without food to cause that to happen. so take control of you life and fast sometimes, you will be better off from it! Of course if you fast and have control of your self when you come out of it, you will eat less.  As you may be aware that we lose fat by eating less!

fasting benefits

I haven’t given you all of the benefits of fasting. I just wanted to give you a few to show you that it is worth the challenge. Please be mindful that it will not be easy, especially in the beginning and you will feel a little lethargic. But, I promise you that if you stick it out  you will adjust to the new habit and start to see its benefits. So if you need to lose a last few pounds of fat, fasting may be the missing link for you. If you have health problems such as diabetes talk to your doctor before you start. If you don’t, then give it a shot and begin to realize what you have been missing by eating too often and too much!

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