How to be successful at your goals- one workout at a time.

Everyone wants to be successful at their endeavors. Almost a 100% of the time people do not head into a pursuit looking to fail miserably. However, we are all well aware that just having the desire to be successful will not make you meet your goals by itself. This is true in all pursuits especially fitness, it seems funny that people join gyms everyday with the desire to change their bodies and health and yet fail time and time again. In fact the whole gym membership industry thrives off these types of misinformed people. Taking their money and giving them a key tag to show off to their friends and family that they have a membership. Meanwhile- they are hitting their card every month and leaving them with less money and dashed hopes of ever-changing.

I have good news for you,this post is geared towards you  and to the person that may show up day after day and punches the clock but is getting nowhere fast! If you follow these simple principles of exercise order and of planning given in the video below, you will be successful. These principles are not a short cut or a magic formula designed to take away the pressure of work from you. In fact they will put a demand on you to plan and actually think through your programming as a human with a brain. Rather then random, thoughtless sessions as a brainless jelly fish  that will take whatever comes to it.

So watch if you dare and apply these simple programming ideas that will make you successful at your goals one workout at a time!

If you are still confused by all of this, I would be glad to talk to you about your goals and how I can help you reach them. Just fill out the form below and we can talk about setting up an online or in person training program designed towards you and your goals!

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