One day I was late for my first appointment early in the morning . It was one of those days that Murphy’s law was written for, everything that could go wrong- went wrong. The dog was nuts, I couldn’t find my keys and so on. Then on top of that I got stuck behind a school bus that decided that 35 miles per hour was the optimum speed for everywhere that he went. Needless to say I experienced a lot of stress that morning. Have you ever had that type of day? Where everything seems to be against you? Or maybe you have a demanding job that puts pressure on you and so on. I can safely say if you are alive you have experienced the crushing pressure of stress. I have good news for you my fellow living humans- this post will help you overcome that stress and keep you successful in life.

We all are aware how bad stress is for our health and the effects it has been having on people’s moods. In fact, in the last few years there have been more cases of road rage than ever before. Please be aware I am not advocating leaving our existence and becoming some type of monk in order to escape stress and or going into denial about it. Rather today’s post is going to show you how kettlebell training can make you more resilient to stress.

It has been long known that kettlebells are useful to build strength and burn immense amounts of fat. I agree completely with these facts, because science is revealing it and also from my own experience as well as my clients’. However, what happens when some one does high volume kettlebell lifting? If you have ever seen it you will know that they get incredibly winded and even stressed. As you may be aware that this is not damaging stress or distress, rather it is Eu-stress or a beneficial stress. (if time is allowed to recover from the session.) But there are some strategies that we use to make our training session even more effective. They are: breathing, relaxation and pacing your self. The great thing about these principles is that they can be used to reduce stress in life as well! Let’s get into them then-


Exercise is a good thing as we all know, yet many people don’t seem to get the full benefits of training. Why do you think that is? As always the best answer that I can give is: it depends. They simply may be over-training or not getting their proper nutrients, but maybe (and most likely) there is no focused effort on breathing while exercising. For the sake of not making this post too long I will say that, while you are training you will need to breathe in through you nose and out through your mouth. In addition to this breathing technique, you will want to match up your breathing to your movement. In on the (negative) concentric and out on the eccentric (exertion). Now- as I promised this post is going to help you deal with the unavoidable stresses of life. One of the reasons we practice such breathing as we train is that it makes you relax – thus handling the stresses of training better and leading to better results. Just as we train with proper breathing, you can simply do the same thing when under stress in life. As you do you will find your self more relaxed and able to think clearly, in the situation that is stressing you. Also this will highly reduce the negative health effects of stress that are killing us, such as insomnia, depletion of essential vitamins and so on. So the next time that you are training with kettlebells remember to breathe and then remember to apply that sequence of breath to life especially when you are under stress.

Watch this video for more information on breathing and as a bonus my dog Zoey( who is cute) makes a cameo.


Have you ever done a high intensity workout? I am not talking about running for an hour or lifting light weights for high reps. Rather I am talking along the lines of a kettlebell 5 minute 100 rep. snatch test. If you have- then you know that the last thing on your mind is relaxation. Yet if you want to be successful at it, you know that you have to make your self relax. This principle is tied deeply into breathing, but also it is a focus to stay clam under stress. Again let’s apply this point to our life and learn to calm ourselves when we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by our responsibilities. Take a second to breathe deeply and to calm your by thinking positively and rationally.

Pacing yourself-

This one goes without saying in training no one can run multiple miles or do a grueling workout without pacing themselves. However, this is also a deliberate choice as  are the two previous points. Because, when we feel great in training or in life we tend to do too much too soon and without order and progression and as result burn out. So, take your time in life- do one thing at a time and do it well. Make a list of things to be done, then follow the logical order of things and do the next thing.  Also -please don’t be one of those people that make themselves too busy with unessentials and clutter but instead pace your self!

You have to see yourself as capable and not a victim of your circumstances. We all have many things that we cannot control(some worse than others) yet the ones that we admire the most are the people that choose not to let situations control them. In this post today I have given you a few basic principles used in kettlebell training to help you overcome stress. Now it is up to you;  put them to work for you in you life and training and see the benefits of this few easy to follow pointers. Also please take the time to share this post with others and help make a difference in their lives as well! Stay calm friends!

If you have never trained with kettlebells or if you want to learn how to use them properly.  Then go ahead and contact me here and we can talk about your goals and how I can help you achieve them. (This will go straight to my e-mail and will never be sold!)


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