The Importance of TRULY Warming Up
 Getting ready for your workout deserves as much thought and consideration as your training program itself. Your movement quality should be THE most important area of concentration prior to and during each and every workout. Trainees need to wean themselves off of the idea that doing a 5-10 minute “warm-up” on the treadmill or bike will prepare them for the demands of their workout. “Warm-Ups” such as these do little or nothing to adequately prepare trainees for their workouts. An ideal Warm-Up program needs to incorporate mobility and strength drills in order to address movement quality which is necessary for avoiding injury and putting the trainee in a position of success as they pursue their training goals. If you don’t move well during your training, there is a good chance that you will reinforce bad patterns into your movement system which can trigger a wide range of unwanted issues and problems including injury.
Coach Correa is pictured leading trainees through one of his many excellent, well designed warm ups that safely prepares the student for the more intense activity to follow.

Intro. By Coach Mark Mellohusky.
A sample warmup progression:
Start off with mobility- most of the time it will come  first and before stability.  Doing the leg lower drill will develop hip mobility and pelvic control . Do 5 each side and if there is an asymmetry (imbalance) present,then do 5 more on that side again.
This drill is done by lifting up both legs with your hips flat on the ground. Then simply lower your calf to the ground as you keep the other in the starting position.  Alternate your legs to get  to the desired reps or any tightness out.
Then we can move onto shoulder mobility by doing a T- spine rotation drill.  Here is a simple one, the lying rotation with reach.
Start this movement in the fetal position. Then by turning your head and shoulder at the same time rotate your torso until you touch your shoulder-blade to the floor. Make sure that you keep your knees “glued” together as you do the movement.  Do the same rep range as the first move.
Now comes squat mobility or a hip opener to prepare the brain for the upcoming session.
The frog stretch:
Do the moves as the video shows, put the side of your knees flat on the ground and get into a fully extended position with your arms locked and then squat down .  Do the drills shown in the video  in the order given.
Next we move on to the dreaded hip flexors:
This is a very short-range of motion exercise that is often done wrong  by people “dumping” their hips. In order not to do that- don’t let your front knee move forward as you stretch. Instead, aim your glute towards the upper wall in front of you and press that way. Remember to squeeze your glutes and press your hands down into your knee.
This also can be a hip stability exercise or for static motor control.
Now just as a baby develops we will take this warm up to a primal movement or a crawl position. An easy one that I find if done well that’s very effective is the walk-down. This is very simple to do – start in a standing position and then touch the floor with your fingers or palms. Then begin to walk your hands forward as your body gets in a push-up position until you get your arms as far out in front of you as you can not bow. Then return to the starting point and repeat for 5 high quality reps.
Lastly, we will finish this sample sequence with a body weight squat. Do five reps with perfect control and technique and then you can start your training session. If you did this with minimal rest it should have taken 10 mins at the most and would have caused you to touch on all of the human movements.
What I have given you here is a sample and the principles are easy to follow. First, mobility must be addressed so I put the hip hinge mobility drill first then the shoulder mobility exercise. Afterwards I added in stability moves that would address any workout because it hits all of the patterns available in human movement.  That is what a good warm up consists of and it is so much more effective than walking on a treadmill for 10 mins.

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