As you may recall me mentioning in past posts, that I used to always train with “the peddle to the floor” or at least I thought I did. Now as I look back at my old days, I realize that most of the time I was lagging behind in my training sessions and was not getting any closer to my goals. I was lean and had some muscle back then but was not getting true results. Part of the reason behind this problem was that I was not changing intensities in my training and taking enough deliberate time off.

Today’s post is just that. It is a “lighter” session than our usual workouts of the week. So you can do it on the days that you don’t feel as strong or when you don’t want to think much about complex moves. This workout has two options based on whether you have a training partner or not.

If you don’t have a partner, you can do the race the clock swing workout. This workout will definitely challenge you, as you seek to beat your best time.

How it’s done:

First you will need a 24 kg kettlebell (snatch size) for men and a 12 to 16 kg for the ladies, a timer and a will to succeed.

After you have all of those things in place, set your timer anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the amount of swings that you want to do in a session. Anywhere from 100 or 200 or even in between. Your goal is to get your number of quality swings in under the time that you set. (100 in under 10 mins. and so on) Always keep in mind that safety is not the opposite of performance but it is performance!

As always remember to match up your breathing with your movement. Since it is a swing it is in on the bottom and out on the top. Please remember to take a sharp breathe in through your nose and a forceful exhale out of your mouth, but most of all stay relaxed!

Enjoy the benefit of this super simple workout!

With a partner:

All of the rules of the other workout apply, the bell sizes and breathing etc. This one possibly could be more fun though,because the winner gets bragging rights. It is done by the first partner swinging a bell for the amount of reps that he or she decides- then the second person has to match them. This can keep going on until one person quits or their form gets crappy. I would increase the reps by 2 each round to combat fatigue a little, but that is up to you and your partner. I once had a mother and daughter do 40 each to try to get the win. So play with it-but most importantly be safe!

Enjoy these fun workouts and get fitter as you use them!


If you are wondering about all of this talk by me about kettlebells, allow me to give you a free report to show you why.

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