We are quickly approaching the holiday season as it is wonderful to see family members that we don’t often see and eat like the proverbial king. It also can be a time of great stress due to a busy schedule that can take our focus off our health if we are not careful . Too many times in my training career I have seen a lot of my clients become like Houdini and disappear from training during this period of time. Now I understand that at times we get so busy that a trip to the gym can be seen as an invasion of an enemy army into our lives. So it isn’t that they are not coming to the gym so much as that they are doing no activity during this season. This is part of the reason that as time went along, I decided to dig deeper and learn how I can accommodate the busy person in their training. I believe that as a trainer, I must do everything to place my students into a position of success.

Thus I advocate short, effective workouts that blast fat, strengthen the muscles and heart  and last only ten to 20 minutes. Do three different workouts a week (to avoid overuse) and throw some mobility in.  Now you have an easy to follow recipe for success in your fitness. We have done all of the thinking for you and best of all it will only cost you dedication to training and some sweat. So this year don’t make the holidays an excuse to get de-conditioned  and unhealthy. Take control with our kettlebell workouts of the week. If you don’t know how to use kettlebells and want to learn, e-mail me at moses@mosescorrea.com and we can see if I can help you!

Now ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I present to you the Killing It With Kettlebells SJ Workout of the week:

Double Trouble

This workout is subtle in its simplicity and challenging in its practice. It is just as follows;

1. double swings


3.overhead presses

The rep range is an ascending and descending ladder, the numbers are 1-5 and then down 5-1 for 15 minutes.

The Guidelines:

1. Form is essential, only do quality reps. You don’t need to get hurt!

2. Breathe and stay as relaxed as possible while working.

3. Rest as much as you need to, but no more

4. Use the right load,you should be able to do the weight that you use at least 10 times without rest.

5. Don’t do more than 20 minutes as this workout can be brutal to the central nervous system due to the pressing part.

6. Enjoy the metabolic boost that this session will bring!

If you are wondering about all of this talk by me about kettlebells, allow me to give you a free report to show you why.

Get it here: http://fatlosssj.com/170-2/

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