In Greek mythology there is a story of a titan that fought on the side of Cronus in his war against Zeus. Due to his affiliation with Zeus’ enemy and for leading Cronus army, Atlas was singled out for special punishment from Zeus. That punishment was to hold up the earth on his back. Talk about a loaded carry! How many times when you lift do you feel as though we are folding under the weight?  As though you have the earth on our back. Are you aware that these carry variations I have given you will help strengthen your core and  assist you in  combating that mistake?

If you have been following this blog over the last few weeks, you know that we have been teaching you how to do loaded carries. You may also remember that I have stated that carries are often the missing key in a training program making it not as effective. However how and when can you train them may be an issue for you. I am here to let you know that you are in luck. Because my fellow owner of KIWK SJ designed a workout to practice your carries in and get some insane conditioning and fat loss in.

(If you missed any of these posts please go back and read before reading today’s)

However if you have read the last posts and or are familiar with these movements try out this workout  and get started into strength stardom.-

The Sand and Steel Complex

As always this workout is very simple, but not easy. It  involves doing various carries for distance and then going to another form of carry and waiving the loads and equipment( if you have it)  So don’t feel like you can’t do this workout if you don’t have a sandbag. You may use a log or kettlebells and just do the  kettlebell carries.

The guidelines:-

1. Only perform the carries that you are sure that you can do. (A stressful situation is hard to learn in.)

2. breathe with this there is no pattern, so just breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Also remember to keep your abs tight, breathing behind the shield or as if a person was sitting on your abs.

3. Rest as much as you need to and no more

4.Know when to call it quits this workout will require a lot of tension and focus. Do not go beyond your abilities to be tight and safe!

5.Follow the carries as given. There is a load and movement waiving going on, so follow it!

6. This workout lasts for 15 minutes, get as many quality sets that you can do in this time period.

7.Enjoy the challenge!

8. share this post with others:)

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