Mike Tyson was one of the most gifted fighters that there ever has been.  He was the youngest heavyweight champion ever the age of 20 before that it was Floyd Patterson at 21. He often devastated his opponents with relentless attacks and a powerful punch that often laid huge men out with one shot. He was also the wealthiest fighter until Floyd Mayweather beat him on that. As you maybe aware that he is no longer as rich as he was and has been slowly working his way back into stardom. Instead of going into the whys and hows of his losses, I want to talk about how he wasted his money on foolish choices. Just like money there is a precious commodity that we cannot afford to waste: our energy! Do you realize that most people who may believe that they are training are simply wasting energy and not getting any return from their workouts except negative consequences in the long run.

(Conservation is king)

Today’s post is geared toward you if you haven’t gotten results in your fitness or if you have resorted to more  training as an alternative to your lack of true results. I am going to share with you some of the lessons that I have learned from study  and practical hands on learning.( the two of them must be in sync as much as possible for good programming.)

First of all; how do you know if you are wasting energy ?

Wasted energy in training can be hard to detect and it can take some to learn how to spot it. Oftentimes the people who are the biggest offenders think that they are making the most progress. These are people who sweat a lot when they train which can happen when you do train properly. But is just a side effect of producing more heat through exercise.  Yet it still is not a guarantee of having a “good workout” just of your body cooling itself down.  Wasted energy can be seen mostly when someone cheats a move and or cannot maintain their form in a movement. The proof can be seen when you put them in the right position and they cannot do what they have been trying to force through poor technique. Once again that is not true progress.

How do you avoid this pitfall of fitness?

Not wasting energy requires deliberate planning and self-discipline. First of all when you have a goal you cannot just get there by random acts of training . that would be akin to someone thinking that they could get to location b from location a without having a plan of direction. Fitness is a process and a journey and needs a plan to get to your goals. assuming that you have one. Planning for training will require some time, thought and knowledge of training and yourself.  Self discipline comes into play because as you are working  you will be tempted to stray away from your plan and will need to force your self to keep the goal the goal. Throughout your program keep in mind your goal that you are working towards to stay focused and see it through to the end.

How can you not waste your energy as you train?

Staying focused on your movements and training with purpose are key.  However as you do you will need to pay attention to the details of the movement. In other words you will have to use your will to hold yourself in the proper position and to use the right technique in your drill.  Make sure that you are picking the right loads and exercises at your present levels of strength and motor control.  What this means is;  don’t try to do a one arm push up just because you can do 50 with two hands. This brings me to my next point for you.

                                                                 (Not paying attention can be dangerous to you and others)

How to progress into and out of an exercise

Progression is not  rocket science it is just simply earning the next step by making the one before it easy. Once again using the one arm push up as an example, instead of just trying to force it and straining a tendon or ligament.  The next step to build up your strength can be to do a push up with one of your legs in the air increasing its difficulty  and  making you stronger. After making that easier-you then can go to uneven push ups and so on, until you safely get to the one arm push up.

(Progression makes you wise and fit)

Be patient

This will be the point that is going to keep you getting results.  Because as you train you will need to spend more time on a move then you would like to. Or you may have to regress a task that you thought you were good at, in order to truly own it. If so do it  your times in these lower level exercises will keep you safe in the more challenging ones. In addition to these previous points there will be times when you will just have to keep working on a move until you make it yours. Just hang in there and don’t abandon ship just yet. “The best way top not get good at something is to bail out before you do.”

I have given you principles that will make you successful in your training and you do not need a PhD to understand and do them. You will however have to be willing to admit that your way isn’t working and then change your mind and actions.  As you do, say good-bye to over training and all of its problems.In addition to being able to do the things in your fitness that you weren’t able to do before!

If you need help with training contact me at moses@mosescorrea.com about my training options and my online coaching program. invest in yourself and get the results that you are not getting!

  1. Wow, I remember how I would want to go all out in order to help forge me into becoming better. I realize that this is a process. Daddy is right when he says “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Progression is a word that doesn’t need to be considered a curse word in fitness.


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