Is your shoulder unstable? Notice I didn’t say strong or even flexible, but stable. I once heard a story about Gray Cook the creator of the Functional movement screen. One time  while he was working with the Atlanta Falcons  he had them press a 53 lb. Kettlebell to failure. Everyone on the team had no problem with that test because they were obviously strong. Then after some rest he took the bell in an over head position and carried it for 50 yards and none of the team could accomplish this task. Now, please be aware that pro football players are very strong and  athletic. So those weren’t the issues, dynamic motor control was!


After reading the last Paragraph  you  may be thinking These men were elite athletes. Is there any hope for me?  Of course the answer is yes and I am going to give you some information that if you follow it  will fix you up! Read On –

A lot of the time improving an unstable shoulder  is as simple as just doing over head carries.  Then over time as you do them your shoulder stability will improve.

Yet I am not naive- with some of you there is something deeper going on a fundamental level and until that is fixed there really will be no improvement. So therefore you will need to be screened and given correctives by a functional movement expert.  So first things first- get screened and then follow the correction plan from your specialist. Also, of course there are those people who will need a qualified medical professional to get better, if so do it. Having a lack of good shoulder stability is dangerous!


How to do the over head carry




Remember don’t just focus on looking good or being strong, because more important than these two things is your mobility and stability. Plan to do drills in your workouts that are going to make these important issues better. Like the one that I gave you today  it is a very simple move that will make  you more resilient to injury and work your core at the same time.  For those of my friends that have abs and core on the brain.:)


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