There so many exercises in the world, but not all are created equal. Once upon a time I was foolish in my training. I would randomly do exercises and completely overdo cardio training. To be a little nice to myself, it wasn’t completely my fault- I was a by-product in some ways of my environment. You see, the group of people who I trained with at that time did the same thing; thereby reinforcing my foolishness. Sometimes as I look back I realize also how judgmental that I was towards people who had more sense than me in their training. Since then I am  now glad that I decided to pursue perfection and continued to learn because that damaging type of training is behind me for good!  Back then you never would have seen me focus on and get better at a movement and you absolutely wouldn’t have seen me do an exercise like the one that I am writing about today. What about you? Are you like me? Do you want to get better? If so, this post is for you! Read on friend-


The rack carry is an exercise that is often not performed and if it is , it is usually done with such poor from that it would make a sociopath blush in embarrassment. This post will not only teach you how to perform this awesome exercise, but I will share with you some of the benefits you will experience from this loaded carry. So keep calm and carry on!

The Kettlebell rack carry is loaded with benefits much like its brothers the farmers walk and suitcase carry. (pun intended)

  •  First – it increases the difficulty of  carries, leading to a more challenging drill.
  • Second- it helps you learn where your ketllebell rack is and how to stabilize your shoulder in that position.
  • Third- it will fix up and strengthen your posture like no other.
  • Fourth- it will give your grip a rest. The other two variations that we learned in the last two posts will work your grip, so use it for de-loading and still get the carry benefits.
  • Fifth- it will help you burn tremendous amounts of fat and build both muscular and cardio endurance.
  • And many other benefits, (that would make this post a little too long for all of our convenience.)

How to do them

Once again, the rack carry like it’s predecessors is very simple to do.  The first thing we need to do is clean the bell up into the rack position. Don’t fear, if you don’t know how to clean a bell up into the rack simply pick it up with two hands and place it into the rack or “cheat” clean it up. The next step is to brace your abs hard as if you were going to get punched and pack your shoulder to support the load. If you have all of this right you will be feeling the load spread out on the abs, lats,glutes and legs. Now you will want to squeeze your glutes as if you were trying to break a walnut and walk without leaning to the side or back.

As you practice this loaded carry you may find that you have an asymmetry that you will need to fix (you can’t go the same distance on both sides). That is fine- spend time on it by doing what is needed and fixing it before you move on to double Kb rack carries as Coach Mark Mellohusky is doing in the photo above.


Training  with the rack carry is simple. You can use them in between an exercise (that won’t inhibit its performance) take 50 steps with it or do it for time. If you don’t have a lot of space you can do them as a rack hold, just make sure you stay tight. Another option that I like to do is to perform the rack carry along with a plank. Where you add time to the plank and distance to the carry every time. Holy abs batman! Enough of me blabbing! here is the instructional video Enjoy!

The rack carry is an awesome move that everyone should and can do. You don’t need a PhD to perform them so go ahead and get started! Become better, stronger and improve your posture and of course escape from your love affair with the treadmill. (if you have one) So practice this carry and get all of its wonderful benefits!


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