With so many training programs in the world, how does one choose a program? With so many exercises in the world, how does one pick what to do? We are all busy people and if you aren’t  right now you will be, that is just the way that life goes. Seeing this reality should make you think  how can I get the most out of the least number of exercises? how can I pick the ones that offer the most bang for the buck? We at Physical Upgrade  are minimalists and all of our collective wisdom has led us to these type of programs and exercises.

     (efficiency in training is delicious)

One of our goals is to bring you exercises that will shred fat, get you stronger/more conditioned and transfer to your  daily activities. One of those exercises is the one that I am bringing to you today: The Suitcase carry! The suitcase carry is a core building, fat blasting, endurance creating, posture bettering exercise. (sounds efficient right?!)  Better yet I am going to teach you how to do it today!

The Suitcase Carry

The suitcase carry is a very simple exercise to practice. Just don’t let the simplicity of it cause you to miss out on its benefits by writing it off. Legendary strength coach Dan John talks about how effective these loaded carries are for  strength and performance. He talks about a time when he wasn’t making progress in his throwing and around the same time he learned about loaded walks and as he practiced them, his  throwing distance improved . So often times if not always it is the things that we are not doing that are hindering our progress. I think about this in the world of marriage, if a couple does not communicate they most likely will not last.  Think about that because it is the same in our training, we are only as good as our weakest link.

Enough with the argument for carries. Let’s learn how to do the suit case version

The technique is very simple: you pick up one kettlebell and you walk. There are  however a few things to pay attention to.

1. Don’t lean forward or back: keep your abs tight brace as if you were going to get punched.

2. Don’t lean sideways: this temptation will be present when you have the optimal  weight in your hand. Just make sure you use your obliques to hold you in place. Stay tight!

The rest of the rules are on last week’s post  and can be seen here:


There are many benefits to the suitcase walk. A lot of them are the same as the farmers carry, with less weight thus giving your body a rest when needed. Also the suitcase version will work on  and correct imbalances in your body.  Keep following this blog as I am going to keep bringing you carry variations over the next few weeks. Also if you want my post delivered to your email for your convenience subscribe in the box up and to the left.


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