Shark-Squats[1] Imagine that you are person who is good for other people and you only want what is best for them . But for some reason people think that you are mean and or a jerk. Maybe they caught you on a bad day and you may have reacted harshly to them or so on. As a result, you have a  reputation for being mean that has spread like a wild fire throughout your community. Now place squats were your name  was and you have how most of the world looks at this great and natural move. Squats are thought to be be bad by many for many different parts of the body, such as knees, back and so on. Poor squats, they don’t get a break unless a person is educated in the how to and whys of squatting.



Having written all of that.  Today’s post will not be an argument as to why we should  and must squat, rather how to fix your squat and to make it safer and better. What about you my friends? Do squats hurt you? Are you afraid of them? Then you will want to continue reading on, because this post will  help to you!

5 Ways to fix a lousy squat!



First and foremost friends you will want to have  at least a two on the squat in the functional movement screen. If you do not you will continue to have poor and  possibly painful/ harmful technique; everything starts with proper movement, so get screened and fixed so you can safely squat.

Squatting is as natural as pooping

Once your movement is restored to competent, you will now be free to re-learn to squat well. The following few drills that I am about to give you will help you in the process.

  1. Learn how to pull yourself down in to the hole: Most of the time when people train,  only part of their rep is hard and the rest of it is lazy and sloppy especially on the negative . Pulling your self down involves loading the legs by being active on the negative. As you are squatting think about using your hip flexors to pull the floor toward you. You will feel much stronger and as result will be safer and squat deeper. 
  2. Work on your hip flexors by practicing the kneeling hip flexor stretch: Tight hip flexors will cause you all kinds of trouble in your squat. Such as pulling your forward or simply inhibiting you from getting as deep as you need to in order to be effective.This stretch is done by kneeling on one leg with your knee directly under your shoulders.Then you will want to squeeze your glutes together  and press your hands down into your front knee. Now push your butt forward as you press your hands down into your knee without letting your front knee move forward.Remember to relax and breathe as you do all of this. You will know it if you have done it well.Hello Hip flexors,I have never felt you like this!” 



3. Use the goblet squat stretch and the frog stretch: Both of this drills will open up your hips to get more depth. I like to use them in a super set, doing the goblet first and then the frog. This helps me assess my squatting, to see how deep I am getting. (I recommend that for you as well) To do the goblet stretch first swing the bell to your chest and then pull yourself down placing your elbows into the inside of the knees or at ” the tear drop muscle“. After you have done that press your elbow into your knees and pry them open.  As you do  make sure that you are pressing your chest up. You will find your self getting deeper with minor discomfort and a stretch.

The frog stretch: Place your feet and the sides of your knees on the ground. After you do that squat down as deep as you can three to 10 times. The next step is to do your three way neck drills( as seen in the video) and again squat deep in that position. Next you will go to your forearms and squat down as you push your knees out, Then assess your depth again by squatting.




4. Push you knees out : You have probably heard that squats are bad for your knees. Nothing can be further from the truth, in fact squats are one of the best exercises to create synovial fluid our bodies own 10w-40 for our joints.  Problems with knees happen when people let their knees collapse inward. So as you initiate your squat make sure you do by actively pushing both knees out. This will make squats safe for you and give you even more depth in your squat!


5. Use the face the wall squat: A lot of squatting issues come out of  a lack of core stability and or poor posture. The face the wall squat will help you activate your core and learn to keep the proper trunk position as you squat. To do this move you will want to find a wall(of course) and stand about half an arm length away from it. Make sure that you pull yourself down into the hole and don’t let your knees and face hit the wall. If you need more of a challenge move closer to the wall, less move back, you should be challenged but successful. Here is a video my coach Phil Scarito of DV8 fitness explaining it’s technique.



There they are friends 5 effective tips to help you squat better and deeper. They are not the only drills, but I find that these work very well with my self and clients. Remember to like, comment and subscribe to this blog for more useful and effective ,no fluff ,no B.S. training tips and programs. Also if you need expert coaching I am taking five candidates to coach on line. Send an email to if interested and if you want more information check out my online coaching by clicking on the link.

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