Are you crunched for time? Do you feel like you have “plateaued” in your strength gains? Maybe you are about performance and you just don’t see your self getting better? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will definitely want to read this post and if not you will still want to read it . Because you will be helped by today’s post!

This post is about an exercise so often not performed  to the detriment  of the exerciser. In that, you will not achieve the results you want in your training if you neglect them. As you may suspect by the title, I am talking about loaded carries specifically The Farmers Walk.

The Farmers Walk is loaded and latent with benefits for the fitness buff. Here are some:

  1. Core strength As we carry two objects in our hands ( I like to use kettlebells) we need to brace the abs hard to make sure that we are not folding under the weight and or leaning back. This also gives us an awareness of our natural and neutral position.
  2. Grip Strength– We need to build strength to hold onto our object that we are carrying for time or distance. Grip strength is proven to help combat carpal tunnel as well.
  3. Posture Not only do farmers walks help us learn our proper position(head up shoulders back etc.) They also strengthen the back muscles and again the abs to help  us maintain good posture longer and to protect our low backs as a result.
  4. Endurance- It isn’t easy to hold onto weight for time or distance. Simply doing that will build your muscular endurance and as you progress you will be able to go longer thus building even more endurance.
  5. Cardio- This goes along with the last one, just try them out with short rest and you will be a believer. You will also burn many calories as a result. ( Moses Like!)
  6. And many others!

How do you do them?

  • Simple, they are done by: Placing your weights (Kettlebells, barbells,dumbells sandbags etc) on the outside of your feet.
  • Then hinging back and pick them up in a deadlift or take them off their rack.
  • Make sure that your abs are tight and that you are loosely gripping the bells in a “hook” grip or if you are looking for strength then go less distance and grip hard.
  • Now simply walk with good posture for your time or distance.

Finally, If you are looking for a program to do your carries- do 50 steps at five rounds each with one minute rest.  You can place them  anywhere in your training session as well. Just make sure if you are doing something involving your grip don’t super set them with that (for example deadlifts) just do them afterwards. As Always use good judgement and know when to bail out if necessary.

Enjoy the pain friends!

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