Image  The Turkish Get-up is an exercise that confuses more people than advanced calculus and makes fit people look like morons as they attempt to practice it. What about you friend? What camp are you in ? Do you look at the Get-up and think I will never be able to do that? Or Maybe you ignore its existence and write it off as useless?

The goal of my posts over the next few weeks is to teach you how to do the Get-up.  Yet not only to do it, but to do it beautifully as you are supposed to! So pay attention friends and by the end of today you will be one step closer to owning this move that will make you stronger and  move better!

The first three steps of the get up are very, Very, VERY important. If you do not set up well, the rest of your Get-up will suffer as result! In light of this, our first move is to learn how to pick up the bell safely. Always ask yourself am I willing to do this with a 106 lb. Kettlebell and if the answer is no, don’t do it! To put the bell up, you will need to get in a fetal position and stick your bottom hand in the bell but use both hands to pull it towards your belly button. After that you will want to roll over to a supine position (facing up) press the bell up with both hands and pack your shoulder. ( shoulder packing means shoulder is down and back or in a anti-shrug, I will post more on this in the near future.)

After doing these two things we will want to learn to post to your elbow. This is where many go wrong because they turn this move into a sit up instead of a rolling maneuver. The way to avoid this is easy- simply use your heel and elbow to press over and up(as you will see in our video demonstrated by coach Mark Mellohusky) Finally for today we will post to the hand by using the corkscrew method (rotating the palm into the ground to press yourself up) As you practice these movements remember to do each one at a time and pause for 3 seconds to make sure it is done properly.

So subscribe friends so that you do not miss this set of instructional posts and videos on how to do the Get-Up well. Also here is the video I promised you. Follow the instructions and if you have any questions feel free to email me at

Now Ladies and Gentlemen: I present to you the fat blasting complex and your Killing It With Kettlebells SJ Kettlebell Workout of the week:


There are certain needs to should be addressed as we train. One of those needs are loaded carries, but are often neglected. This week’s workout will add those in as well as other fun and challenging moves. Get ready to melt off fat as a hot knife through butter!

The guidelines of this workout are:

1. You must know how to clean safely and snatch well. If you do not, do the last two weeks workouts.

2. Breath, match up your breathing with each movement. In on the bottom and out on the top.

3. Make sure to stay tight and not lean back on the carries, swings and so on.

4.Rest as much as you need to, but only as much as you have to!

5. Do all of the movements in the order given. (There is a method to my madness, trust me!)

They are:

1. Do 5 – 1 arm swings then carry the bell in rack position for five steps,  repeat on the other side.

2.  5 cleans and rack carry repeat on the other side

3. 5 overhead presses and suitcase carry (Again hit both sides)

4. 5 snatches and over head walks (Again hit both sides)

5. Keep repeating for 10 to 20 minutes

Enjoy the pain and fat loss!


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