As you probably know and remember that there is a wrestler on WWE named The Undertaker. Today’s post is not about him, (sorry to mislead) it is rather about a workout so very heinous that it could go by no other name! Oh what the heck, here is a pic of him anyway, Image I hope that amends for my misleading title!

Now without further ado let’s get into the Killing It Kettlebells South Jersey’s Kettlebell workout of the week. This week’s installment is a very challenging training and can be done if you are pressed for time and or after a strength session as a finisher. So if you are looking to get fitter and or burn fat this one is for you !

The workout is done by doing deadswings for a minute and then immediately followed by the heart beat carry for 50 steps. Then rest for the time allotted and repeat for 5 to 8 rounds.

As always, we now have the guidelines:

1st.  You have to know how to swing, if you don’t, then learn and in the meantime you can do last weeks workout. If you do know how to swing well then go to step two friends.

2nd.  Find an area that is safe and where you can do 50 paces (it can be 25 up and back, if needed)

3rd; watch your form, make sure above all else that you are hinging deeply and doing every rep with the utmost quality.

4th. The bell must be set down before every rep. (Otherwise it is not a dead swing.) However make sure you are hiking the bell back before you set it straight down.

5th If you need to pace your self do not come out of the hinge, instead give yourself a few extra seconds in between swings.

6th. Breath- once again, in on the back swing and out forcefully on the way up.

7th. Do as many rounds as you can with good form and give yourself 40 to 60 seconds rest in between sets. This training should last 10 to 15 mins. Enjoy the shredding and fat burning!

The following video gives a description and a visual aide for all of my visual friends.

Get to it friends and burn it off and get better!


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