Do you feel “stuck” and not able to get any faster or better? How would you feel if I told you there is a secret to conditioning yourself? Dear friends there is and you are reading the right blog and post! Today’s post will teach you a few tricks that along with good old fashioned hard work,  that will make you even more conditioned than you ever thought possible!

How would you feel if you smash your P.R. for conditioning and or got in even better shape for your sport?! It would be so fulfilling to know that, the thing that once that once was unachievable by you- you now own! If you are like me, you will tell everyone as a grandfather tells his fishing exploits and stories!

Of course you know by now that nothing happens without effort and that knowledge only works if applied . These training principles will only work their “magic” if you do them and they are-( drum roll please) breathing and relaxation. Once again don’t let the simplicity of these principles keep you from realizing the benefits they offer you. You will also need to be aware that breathing properly takes a lot of focus and relaxing while you are under the stress of intense training requires that you make yourself.

There are many different types of philosophy on breathing the simplest one is to match up the breathing to the movement (anatomical breathing match). This is where you breath in through your nose into your diaphragm (belly) on the negative part of the movement and out on the positive part.  Doing this one move will keep your heart rate down and give you the ability to do more work in your conditioning and test.( if you don’t believe me try it!) Next comes relaxation, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed or panicky when you are doing your conditioning or test, just stay as cool as possible!

For more on breathing and how to do it read this:

To my readers that are skeptics here is video to prove it-

I did a snatch test and made the 100 before, but this time I hit a P.R. 105 and had time left! All of that happened because I dialed in my breathing and stayed relaxed, so you see it is very true.  Now that you have seen these two principles in action, put them to work for yourself. Stay relaxed during your conditioning and tests, too much tension will make you tired quick and rob you of your P.R. Train smart and set up a self test date or your competition and put these points to work during training and competition and you will kill it! Moses said so!


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